The Credentialing Department of the American Public Works Association was created to encompass all the programs that address recognizing excellence, outstanding knowledge, experience and performance, both for agencies and individuals.

Credentialing is composed of the APWA Accreditation program for agencies and the individual APWA Certification programs for varying disciplines in public works. The purpose of the Accreditation program is to provide a means of formally verifying and recognizing public works agencies, divisions, or special districts for completing a voluntary, objective compliance with the recommended practices set forth in the Public Management Practices Manual.

The APWA Certification programs are a series of professional development initiatives administered by APWA to promote excellence in public works. Being connected with and certified by APWA ensures competent, experienced, and well-trained employees. The pay-off is to the public works industry and, ultimately, to our communities by providing recognized hiring and promotion standards that will lead to an improved workforce and delivery of services.

APWA’s commitment to credentialing is ongoing as new agencies are accredited and new certification programs are developed.