Most APWA and CPWA chapters are run by volunteers.  The Chapter Relations Department staff at the national office is ready to assist chapters and branches with day-to-day issues and to serve as a link between the national headquarters and the chapter/branch.  Wondering who to contact within the department?  Here’s a brief explanation of each person’s key responsibilities along with a link to email them.  All APWA staff can also be reached toll free at 800-848-2792, or at 816-472-6100.

Brad Patterson
, Chapter Membership Manager
  • Assist chapters and branches with membership recruitment and retention planning and implementation
  • Bridges newsletter (an online publication for Chapter Leaders)
Laurence Rhodes, Chapter Finance & Resources Manager
  • Assist chapters with financial management and reporting
  • Staff contact on submittal of chapter contracts for review by national headquarters
  • Staff contact for inquiries regarding the Chapter Website Template
Brian Van Norman, Director of Chapter Relations
  • Assist with chapter support and planning - including strategic planning, leadership training, bylaws review
  • Staff Liaison for the Council of Chapters
Rhonda Wilhite, Chapter Coordinator
  • Assist with general chapter inquiries and support
  • APWA national awards program