Guest post by Jeralee Anderson, Executive Director, Greenroads Foundation.

As part of their growing membership and education programs, Greenroads Foundation developed a professional credential to complement its Project Rating Program and to advance sustainability education for the transportation industry. The Greenroads Team launched its first examination, called the STP Alpha Exam, for transportation professionals in mid-September. They recently announced the list of the first 25 Sustainable Transportation Professionals (STP) who have completed the exam successfully. You can see a list of them here. The first group of STPs represents 8 states and 5 countries!


The Greenroads STP is currently analogous to LEED’s entry level professional credential, the LEED Green Associate. In light of the previous post about the USGBC’s LEED Rating System and its Accredited Professional program, it is worth mentioning that while the Greenroads’ STP is structured similarly, there are several important differences.


  • Like LEED, Greenroads STPs can earn points on Greenroads Projects through a Custom Credit and it is voluntary to do so. The STP Credential is not required to participate on a Greenroads Project or submit documents to Greenroads on behalf of the Project. The STP does need to be actively engaged in a Project’s Certification, but also does not need to represent a specific organization, owner, or contractor in order to earn a point.
  • A team of STPs can earn points for Projects, as a way to encourage integrated teams of design and construction professionals. This is a direct response to several public comments Greenroads developers received referencing the issue of “sustainable project management” for transportation projects.
  • There are currently no minimum education requirements to get an STP, so there is also no initial application process to become an STP Candidate. The intended audience for the exam is anyone who works with transportation projects, with an emphasis on roadways.
  • A STP is an individual has demonstrated his or her knowledge of basic principles of sustainable transportation design and construction practices, as well as a general knowledge of the Greenroads Rating System and how the Project Rating Program works. However, detailed knowledge of credits and requirements in Greenroads is not needed to pass the exam.
  • The STP Exam is an educational benefit of active membership in the Greenroads organization. The Exam is free to individual members, and anyone who is involved in or interested in sustainable transportation is encouraged to join as a member.


In the future, Greenroads also plans to build out the STP program with higher levels of specialization in the Rating System over time. The next level exam is planned for launch in early- to mid- 2013.


How to Learn More and Get Involved


By the way, APWA is an important educational partner and member organization of Greenroads. Julia Anastasio currently serves on Greenroads Foundation’s Board of Directors with other representatives of the transportation industry.