March 12, 2012



Within the next few days, the full Senate is expected to reach an agreement on amendments to a two-year, $109 billion surface transportation reauthorization bill, S.1813 – Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century, or MAP-21.  Thanks to your response to the previous APWA Advocates Alert, the Senate has agreed to include the  APWA-supported  Klobuchar-Sessions Amendment for a high risk rural roads best practices study!
Continue to make your voice heard and call your Senators today!  Urge them to support the APWA-supported  Casey-Blunt Amendment to restore off-system bridge funding
The best way to reach your Senators during this quick-moving debate is to call and ask to speak to the Senator’s legislative assistant or staff member handling transportation.  Say that you are calling to urge the Senator to support the Casey-Blunt Amendment.  Telephone numbers for each Senator’s office are attached.
 Make your APWA voice heard. Call your Senators today!
More information about the Casey-Blunt Amendment  follows. 
The Casey-Blunt amendmentrestores funding for off-system bridges (bridges not on federal-aid highway system).  Many local bridges are off-system.
  • MAP-21 currently eliminates the Highway Bridge program with its 15 percent set aside for off-system bridges.  The Casey-Blunt amendment restores the off-system bridge funding, requiring each state to obligate for off-system bridges 15 percent of funds apportioned for the highway bridge program in 2009.


March 19, 2012

The Senate Passed MAP-21!

Thank you for responding to recent APWA Advocates’ alerts to contact your Senators and urge their Yes-vote on APWA-supported amendments during debate on the Senate’s two-year, $109 billion surface transportation reauthorization bill, MAP-21. 

The legislation, approved last week by a vote of 74-22, includes two APWA-supported amendments:  the Blunt-Casey amendmentrestoring minimum funding for off-system bridges; and the Klobuchar-Sessions amendment requiring the Secretary of Transportation to consult with county engineers and public works officials in carrying out a rural road safety best practices study.   The Blunt amendment was approved by voice vote and the Klobuchar amendment was incorporated into a comprehensive substitute amendment  brought to the Senate floor by Senate Majority Leader Reid.  For full text of S. 1813, click here

Attention now turns to the House of Representatives which will decide soon on what approach to take in advancing its version of a bill.  We are following events and will continue to issue messages and alerts.
Thank you for your advocacy. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Tracy Okoroike at  or 202-218-6702.