June 18, 2013


Protect Municipal Bonds - A Vital Funding Source for Public Works!  


Contact your Member of the House of Representatives TODAY!  Urge your Member to sign onto a Dear Colleague letter to House Leadership that urges them to preserve the tax-exemption for municipal bonds. Tax- exempt municipal bonds are vital to public works. They remain the primary method used by states and local governments to finance public capital improvements and public infrastructure projects that are essential to creating jobs, sustaining economic growth and improving the quality of life for Americans in every corner of this country. Limiting or eliminating the tax exemption on municipal bonds will  have devastating effects on funding needed local infrastructure projects because they will make municipal bonds less appealing and increase the borrowing costs for state and local governments that use the bonds to finance infrastructure projects. Click here to read the Dear Colleague letter.


June 3, 2013

Protect the Environment and Public Health!
Urge Senator Sherrod Brown to Introduce the Wet Weather Community Sustainability Act Today!

During extreme wet weather, wastewater can overflow  and enter the environment before it has been cleaned and treated, putting public health at risk.  This can be a major problem in Ohio and other regions in the US where severe thunderstorms are common. The Wet Weather Community Sustainability Act adds a framework to the Clean Water Act (CWA) that gives municipalities the tools to  manage wastewater flows during extreme weather events, improving water quality and protecting the environment.   If you're an Ohio constituent, contact Senator Sherrod Brown and urge him to introduce this legislation! V

Click here to view a fact sheet to learn more about the Wet Weather Act.

Click here to view the proposed legislation.