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  • Mayor Frank P. Zeidler: Essay #25 This well-researched book establishes the historical context of conditions in Milwaukee at the end of World War II and examines Mayor Zeidler’s efforts to improve mass transit while stemming the decline of mass transit usage and provides his introspection on Milwaukee transportation policies.
  • The New AASHTO Transportation "Green Book" This program addresses the major changes in each chapter of the "Green Book" and discusses the use of updated design guidance and design flexibility throughout the document.
  • Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Networks: Are You Ready? Electric Vehicles (EVs) are about to hit the market. Coordination across stakeholders could determine whether they are successful in your area. What can you do to get ready? Broaden your understanding of plug-in readiness and hear what other communities are doing to prepare their infrastructure now.
  • Traffic Mediation – Neighborhood and Pedestrian Safety In this program you will learn how public works professionals are managing today’s - and planning for tomorrow’s - traffic. Just as roads are made safe for the driving public, it is equally important to ensure safe conditions for neighborhoods and pedestrians.
  • Pavement Preservation This program presents information about the importance and value of developing preservation maintenance strategies for asphalt.
  • Completing Our Street: The Transition This publication shares the story of how the complete streets movement united bicycle riders, transportation practitioners and agencies, public health leaders, older Americans, and smart growth advocates to dramatically re-frame the discussion of transportation safety.
  • Taking it to the Streets This booklet offers common sense, easy to understand answers to common transportation-related questions.
  • Why Curb and Gutter? This booklet can help you fight back by laying out the facts on the false economy of ribbon paving and highlighting many other benefits!