APWA Book Review

Preparing Sewer Overflow Response Plans: A Guidebook for Local Governments
55 pp * 1998 * APWA * CD-ROM included

This publication offers APWA members and other wastewater collection system owners and operators response plans to address sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). APWA believes that following a thorough and effective response plan to minimize any health risks or damage to private property or the environment from SSOs is an important part of the overall management of a sanitary sewer system. This Guidebook is designed to assist communities to do just that.

In practice, addressing SSOs within a watershed context will mean applying management strategies such as assessing all environmental problems within a watershed comprehensively, both point and non-point sources, and prioritizing management efforts based on fixing the worst problems first in a cost-effective manner.

The Guidebook is designed to help local system owners and operators plan for effective SSO response. In the best managed systems, SSO management does not end with the immediate response. The flow chart illustrates a systematic approach in which operation and maintenance and capital improvement planning are applied to the management of SSOs.

This publication covers:

  • Objectives; organization of plan; sewer overflow tracking
  • Overflow response procedure
  • Public advisory procedure
  • Regulatory agency notification plan
  • Media notification procedure
  • Distribution and maintenance of SORP

The publication also contains several appendices and tables, suggested reading material, information on calculating overflow rates and volumes, example response plans, flow charts, scripted news releases, and other valuable and useful information.

APWA encourages its members and other wastewater collection system owners and operators to develop and implement SSO response plans using this document as a guide, and to use the referenced SSO management flow chart and the watershed management concept as long-term tools to improve their systems and the quality of their communities' water resources.

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