Index to 2008 articles

Listed in this index are all articles published in the 12 issues of the APWA Reporter during 2008. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order. All of the articles can be found on the APWA Reporter web page at

Annual Buyer’s Guide

Annual Buyer’s Guide, April, p. 88
Alphabetical listing, April, p. 88
Categorical listing, April, p. 106

APWA Book Review

Emergency Planning (1st Ed.), Jan., p. 24
Preparing Sewer Overflow Response Plans: A Guidebook for Local Governments, Feb., p. 20
Facility Manager’s Maintenance Handbook (2nd Ed.), April, p. 42
401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees, May, p. 18
The Dimensions of Parking (4th Ed.), July, p. 22
Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety, Sept., p. 14
Boxing for Cuba, Nov., p. 18

Ask Ann

Jan., p. 50
Feb., p. 62
March, p. 60
April, p. 118
May, p. 28
June, p. 56
July, p. 88
Aug., p. 118
Sept., p. 44
Oct., p. 44
Nov., p. 44
Dec., p. 50


Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award, April, p. 28
The 2008 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year, May, p. 20
APWA proudly announces the 2008 Public Works Projects of the Year, July, p. 68
Awards 2008, Aug., p. 26
Chapter Membership Achievement Award winners announced, Sept., p. 16

Congress 2008

Courage under fire empowered leadership in turbulent times, May, p. 10
Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, June, p. 16
Leading Questions: Reflection as a Habit of Mind, June, p. 18
New Orleans in pictures, July, p. 14
Four options to attend Congress, Aug., p. 38
Don’t miss these at Congress!, Aug., p. 38
One-day passes available for Congress, Aug., p. 39
A celebration of renewal, Oct., p. 24
Testimonials and photos from the St. Bernard Project, Oct., p. 36
Moments from the 2008 Congress, Oct., p. 40
Resolution Recognizing the Louisiana Chapter for Hosting the 2008 APWA International Public Works Congress & Exposition, Nov., p. 17


Being First: Two First-Timers Meeting experiences, Jan., p. 16
Public Works DIVAs: Dynamic, Intelligent, Victorious, Accomplished, Jan., p. 20
Leading by example: the importance of diversity, Feb., p. 18
The country rooster does not crow in the town: communication with foreign nationals in the American workforce, March, p. 20
Women in public works have stories worth telling!, April, p. 40
Barriers to success, May, p. 16
America’s challenge to inspire and educate future generations, June, p. 24
Is there a light under your bushel worth sharing? The Diversity Exemplary Practices Award, July, p. 20
APWA Diversity: A year in review, Aug., p. 18
Inclusivity: A uniquely American concept, Sept., p. 16
Aces, Faces & Places, Oct., p. 14
Young Professionals Reception at Congress a huge success, Nov., p. 10
First impressions of a first-timer in New Orleans, Dec., p. 20

Emergency Management

Public Works Working Group: Working to benefit the profession, Jan., p. 36
Evacuations, Jan., p. 39
Full-scale mock disaster event in Beloit, Wisconsin, Jan., p. 41
Cascading infrastructure failures and you!, Jan., p. 44
Care for employees, Jan., p. 46
Public Works Mutual Aid: Who needs it and why, Jan., p. 48
Regional Public Works Emergency Management Cooperative: a case report, Feb., p. 57

Engineering and Technology

Levee certification for FEMA’s flood maps, June, p. 36
Streets professionals view warm mix asphalt at the APWA Congress workshop, June, p. 39
Drainage infrastructure and hazards inventory, June, p. 42
New traffic control for an old pedestrian crossing safety problem, June, p. 44
Hot Tap Triumph, June, p. 50
Tackling rising fuel costs: new approach to curbside debris removal yields big savings for municipalities, June, p. 54
Washington, D.C.’s Green Streets: Using information technology for a cleaner and environmentally-healthy city, Aug., p. 56

Facilities and Grounds

A Miracle Project, April, p. 52
Building public facilities with private financing, April, p. 56
Six facility improvements to boost productivity, April, p. 60
Top 10 ADA mistakes, April, p. 66
Restoration of historic regional parks lays groundwork for Pittsburgh’s Green Web, April, p. 68
Public Works gets involved in community redevelopment, April, p. 71
Is my problem “Mold”?, April, p. 74
Successful places, safe spaces, April, p. 76
Public Works and Urban Forestry: Finding common ground, April, p. 77
The City of Murfreesboro: A proactive approach to public works facilities and services, April, p. 80
We’ve come a long way baby!, April, p. 82
The impending public works infrastructure train wreck, April, p. 84
Magic Grove in the neighborhood park, April, p. 86

Fleet Services

Is the price of fuel getting you down? Here are 37 ways to control fuel costs, Sept., p. 26
How to develop vehicle equipment specifications, Sept., p. 29
Hybrid trash truck to hit Denver’s streets, Sept., p. 34
Academies nurture best and brightest in science and math, Sept., p. 36
Cooperative Purchasing Agreement Benefits, Sept., p. 40
Small buses finding bigger role in public and private fleets, Sept., p. 42


SCRC spotlight on the Kansas Road Scholar Program, Jan., p. 22
Adding Value Nationally, Aug., p. 14
Top ten reasons for joining the Public Works Historical Society, Aug., p. 22
Public Works can compete with level playing field: a successful experience in the use of a Bid to Goal process, Aug., p. 46
Are your curb ramps really ADA-compliant?, Aug., p. 49
Praising Books, coffee mugs and good work tickets, Aug., p. 88
Improving construction practices with Special Inspections, Aug., p. 93
Cincinnati targets future workforce with a Student Intern Academy, Aug., p. 96
Cross-jurisdictional partnering for street maintenance services, Aug., p. 100
California develops gold standard for safely removing wildfire debris, Aug., p. 108
Thinking out, in and about the box on equipment modifications to enhanced operations, Aug., p. 110
Create a proactive sidewalk repair program, Aug., p. 112
Capital Program Management and Performance Measurement, Aug., p. 116
Recruiting for the Future, Oct., p. 10
Support of Public Works Historical Society continues to grow!, Nov., p. 14

Inside APWA

Index to 2007 articles, Jan., p. 26
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb., p. 10
Letter to the Editor, March, p. 6
Take control of climate change, March, p. 18
2007-08 Presidential Priorities: Midyear Update, April, p. 10
2007 Audit: A strong financial foundation, April, p. 12
APWA Board of Directors, April, p. 14
Meet the APWA staff, April, p. 15
Game On! Team APWA gears up for Membership Madness, May, p. 14
Education Endowment Fund: Investing dollars in our future, May, p. 17
Team Building Day, June, p. 20
Candidates for the 2008-2009 APWA Board of Directors named, July, p. 8
More than 40 professionals earn APWA Fleet Certification, July, p. 13
New APWA Board members, Aug., p. 10
APWA announces first group of certified professionals through new program, Aug., p. 12
Engineering scholarship established in honor of APWA member, Aug., p. 24
Board of Directors election results, Sept., p. 8
Middle school students to explore public works with APWA’s new 6th-8th grade curriculum, Sept., p. 12
APWA staffer honored for her tenure, Sept., p. 17
Value of APWA Accreditation for local agency FHWA-State DOT certification, Nov., p. 12
Rep. DeFazio honored for public works achievements, Dec., p. 12

International Idea Exchange

Mexico delegation attends 2007 APWA International Congress in San Antonio, Jan., p. 35
What’s happened to Czechoslovakia?, Feb., p. 26
Waste management and public policy in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Feb., p. 28
Shuar Health Team, UC Berkeley: Safe Water and Sanitation Project, Pastaza, Ecuador, April, p. 48
The Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, April, p. 50
Public Works has the green light in preparing for climate change, June, p. 30
Public Works in India, July, p. 28
International Exchange at the APWA Congress in August 2008, July, p. 31
New Zealand, Australia PW Professionals to attend ’08 Congress
A busy year for the IAC, Aug., p. 62
First Light: Inspiring Innovation, Aug., p. 66
My Trip to Kiwi Land: An Overview of Asset Management in New Zealand, Sept., p. 22
Call for applicants for 2009 Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, Sept., p. 24
Responding to sea level rise, Oct., p. 20
Our Mexican partners learn from Hillsborough County’s Emergency Support Functions, Nov., p. 24
Risk-taking: Don’t be disappointed by the things you did not do, Dec., p. 22

Leadership and Management

Safety Leadership: Like trying to squeeze mercury—hard to get hold of!, Aug., p. 52
A “Wrap”-up of the Leadership Competencies Series…as reported from the kitchens of the Leadership and Management Committee, Dec., p. 14
Cleaning up the Kitchen, Dec., p. 18
Public Works Sacred Cows, Dec., p. 28
Boomer crisis: real or perceived?, Dec., p. 30
Succession Planning: a case study, Dec., p. 32
When leadership really means “doing it yourself,” Dec., p. 36
Aggressive Recruitment, Dec., p. 38
LEADing the way in workforce planning, Dec., p. 40
Geospatial Capital Program Management, Dec., p. 46
Seven public works project management best practices, Dec., p. 48

National Public Works Week

Public Works Day, New Rochelle style, March, p. 24
That special time of the year: APWA National Public Works Week!, April, p. 36
National Public Works Week: Colorado style!, May, p. 8
National Public Works Week celebrated on Capitol Hill, July, p. 10
New Orleans celebrates National Public Works Week, Aug., p. 16

New APWA staff

Anne Allen, Jan., p. 32
Gail Ann Clark, Jan., p. 32
Maggie Doucette, Jan., p. 32
Brian Sullivan, Jan., p. 32
Jared Shilhanek, June, p. 15
Laura Berkey, Sept., p. 17
Mary Hunt, Nov., p. 11

North American Snow Conference

Snow professionals heading to Louisville, Jan., p. 10
Positive people and positive responses: the heart and soul of any team, Feb., p. 12
How to succeed, stay sane, and have fun at work: a survival guide for the road weary, March, p. 12
Louisville in pictures, April, p. 30
Snow & Ice + Derby Pie = Snow Conference in Louisville, June, p. 13


In Memoriam: Kenneth Yost, Kirkwood, Mo., March, p. 6
Remembering Jim Martin, Sept., p. 8

President’s Message

Public Works ignored: Time to look in the mirror?, Jan., p. 4
Water: Our greatest challenge and passion, Feb., p. 4
Making the right decisions in solid waste makes good cents, March, p. 4
Think for a minute, April, p. 4
APWA Certification Programs: Taking our members to the next level, May, p. 4
A win-win and win again, June, p. 4
Keeping us moving, July, p. 4
Thanks for the memories!, Aug., p. 4
The ideal organization to take on challenges, Sept., p. 4
We can accomplish truly great things, Oct., p. 4
Plow down, spreader on and keep rolling!, Nov., p. 4
Building a better, sustainable future, Dec., p. 4

Recipes for Success

A career in public works: unlimited potential, Jan., p. 33
No good deed goes unpunished, Feb., p. 22
Being a role model, March, p. 28
Mentoring: What it is and what it’s not, April, p. 44
How to get a mentor, May, p. 26
Listen with passion!, June, p. 26
What a whirlwind weekend!, July, p. 24
Leadership and Management Competencies: Preparing you to seize opportunities, Aug., p. 58
Setting Career Goals: Managing the crystal ball and influencing your future, Sept., p. 18
What APWA has meant to me: Augie’s story, Oct., p. 16
Commitment: Are you invested?, Nov., p. 20

Solid Waste Management

Current technology trends in solid waste collection, March, p. 30
Landfill gas a valuable resource, March, p. 32
Public space and event recycling pose challenges, March, p. 36
The importance of a solid waste and recyclables management plan for new mixed-use, commercial projects, March, p. 38
Recycling success through sustainable procurement, co-ops and waste exchanges, March, p. 40
Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling, March, p. 42
Industrial materials Reuse and Recycling: Developing local opportunities through a national initiative, March, p. 44
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems: a snapshot of the experience of solid waste organizations, March, p. 48
Abandoned Vehicles: Shift gears for a successful program, March, p. 54
Environmental Due Diligence, March, p. 56
Framework for success in a changing environment for a public manager, March, p. 58

Technical Committee News

APWA Emergency Management Committee: Representing public works at the national level, Jan., p. 8
Water’s Number One at the Box Office, Feb., p. 17
Finding some common ground on trash, March, p. 10
The Facilities and Grounds Committee schedules their own operations and maintenance, April, p. 26
Engineering and Technology: Encouraging the application of technology in public works, June, p. 12
On the Road with the Transportation Committee, July, p. 12
What is good right-of-way management and how do you accomplish it?, Aug., p. 11
Fleet Services Committee’s Open Forum offers suggestions for recruiting fleet mechanics, Sept., p. 11
APWA Technical Committees keep membership informed with new and updated publications, Oct., p. 8
New Horizons: Your Winter Maintenance Subcommittee is committed to open new doors, Nov., p. 8
“Who? Me? I’m not a leader!”, Dec., p. 13


Cracks in the nation’s bridge system?, July, p. 34
APWA proposes funding and financing recommendations for next Surface Transportation Authorization, July, p. 38
Funding alternatives for transportation projects, July, p. 42
APWA goes green!, July, p. 47
Public-Private Partnership on a Local Level, July, p. 48
Research pays off for transportation, July, p. 50
Don’t miss out: Cost-effective training and technical assistance available—and help for your chapter, too, July, p. 54
Partnering plus “Three E’s” equals recycling success, July, p. 56
Safe Routes to School Report Update, July, p. 58
Toward Zero Deaths in Minnesota, July, p. 60
Wayne County, Michigan adopts state-of-the-art roads management system, July, p. 62
Energy efficiency arrives at the Pittsburgh tunnels, July, p. 66

Utility and Public Right-of-Way

Underground Facility Damages: What to do when something does go wrong, Aug., p. 68
GPS: Keeping track of the unseen in the right-of-way, Aug., p. 70
State Video Franchise Law: State of Art or State of War?, Aug., p. 74
DIRT: Damage Information Reporting Tool, Aug., p. 78
You break it…you bought it, Aug., p. 79
Virginia Pilot Program, Aug., p. 80
Administrative “buy-in” key to Nashville’s award-winning pavement preservation, Aug., p. 81
Developing a relationship between public agencies and the railroad, Aug., p. 83
To trench or not to trench…, Aug., p. 90

Washington Insight

Your New Year’s Emergency Management Resolution: Helping me help you!, Jan., p. 6
Clean Water Act: Progress has been made, but more work to be done, Feb., p. 6
Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 provides opportunities for public works projects, March, p. 8
Have you considered building green?, April, p. 6
Four bills address infrastructure needs, May, p. 7
America’s Climate Security Act: Debate on federal comprehensive climate change legislation begins, June, p. 7
APWA hosts 2008 Public Works Policy Forum, July, p. 6
Hearings held to address infrastructure financing, Aug., p. 9
DHS launches Target Capabilities Implementation Project, Sept, p. 10
Board adopts APWA advocacy priorities for 2009, Oct., p. 6
New APWA advocacy toolkit puts members in the driver’s seat for upcoming SAFETEA-LU rewrite, Nov., p. 6
Transportation Secretary Peters receives Presidential Leadership Award, Nov., p. 7
Chapter Advocacy Task Force prepares toolkit, Dec., p. 8

Water Resources

Balancing CSO affordability while maintaining existing water and sewer infrastructure, Feb., p. 30
From rooftops to rivers: green infrastructure yields economic and environmental benefits, Feb., p. 37
Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to waste…, Feb., p. 42
Bringing water to the people and people to the water in Singapore, Feb., p. 46
Implementation of a Membrane Biological Reactor at Schofield Barracks, Feb., p. 50
Planning for future water needs of small rural communities in the west, Feb., p. 52
Drought of 2007: Drastic times cause for drastic measures, Feb., p. 54
Water security update, Feb., p. 56
The intricacies of a watershed plan: modeling, planning and restoration, Aug., p. 40
Partnering to secure water for the future: development of a supplemental water supply, Aug., p. 43
Wetlands provide green alternative to wastewater treatment, Aug., p. 84
Controlling stormwater runoff from construction sites, Aug., p. 98
Pumping station operational flexibility is key to balancing sewage flows, Aug., p. 103
From litigation to legislation: a safe harbor for drinking water providers, Aug., p. 106

Winter Maintenance

Salt Woes, Nov., p. 26
Winter 2007-08, a winter to remember, Nov., p. 29
Inventory management and cost minimization of salt, Nov., p. 31
Snow equipment preparation, Nov., p. 34
Will anti-icing work in the South?, Nov., p. 36
Extreme Snows – Extreme Measures, Nov., p. 38
Choosing the right snowplowing contractor, Nov., p. 40
Winter Weather, Nov., p. 42