Index to 2007 articles

Listed in this index are all articles published in the 12 issues of the APWA Reporter during 2007. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order. All of the articles can be found on the APWA Reporter web page at

Annual Buyer's Guide
Annual Buyer's Guide, April, p. 76
  Categorical listing, April, p. 76
  Alphabetical listing, April, p. 88

APWA Accreditation: Tenth Anniversary
Accreditation is a leadership activity, Jan., p. 24
Accreditation: It's the right thing to do, Feb., p. 32
Development of agency accreditation at APWA, March, p. 26
Accreditation Success, April, p. 44
Accreditation working well for T&ES, May, p. 36
Accreditation, lessons learned in Miami Beach, June, p. 28
Hillsborough County Public Works Department's APWA Accreditation Process, July, p. 46
Accreditation: The Overland Park Experience, Aug., p. 20
APWA Accreditation for Bowling Green, Kentucky, Sept., p. 56
APWA Accreditation? WIIFM (What's In It For Me?), Oct., p. 20
APWA Accreditation is a journey of continuous improvement, Nov., p. 24
Accreditation is continuous quality improvement, Dec., p. 18

APWA Book Review
Emergency and Disaster Planning Manual, Jan., p. 15
Water Treatment Made Simple for Operators, Feb., p. 26
Land Application of Sewage Sludge and Biosolids, March, p. 22
The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance & Budgeting, April, p. 38
The Effective Public Manager: Achieving Success in a Changing Government (3rd Ed.), May, p. 22
Introduction to Engineering Construction Inspection, June, p. 22
North American Design Guidelines for Traffic Calming Measures, July, p. 36
It's Your Move: Strategic Planning for Public Works Agencies, Nov., p. 16
Public Works Administration, Dec., p. 16

Ask Ann
Jan., p. 46
Feb., p. 58
March, p. 46
April, p. 108
May, p. 38
June, p. 46
July, p. 88
Aug., p. 44
Sept., p. 100
Nov., p. 42
Dec., p. 45

2007 Top Ten Public Works Leaders Named, May, p. 24
APWA proudly announces the Public Works Projects of the Year, July, p. 68
Chapter Membership Achievement Award winners announced, Aug., p. 11
Awards 2007, Sept., p. 10

Baker's Potluck, The
Interviewing for the Right Skills, Jan., p. 21
Performance Evaluations: An institutionalized instrument of torture, Feb., p. 28
Focus on Your Strengths, March, p. 23
Leading through Change, April, p. 40
A Leader's Legacy, May, p. 33
Determining Your Level of Service, June, p. 24
Connecting with Your Community, July, p. 38
Mentoring for the Future, Aug., p. 18
Creative Problem Solving, Sept., p. 52
Identifying the Skills Needed for Crew Leaders and First-Time Supervisors, Oct., p. 16
Creative Recruitment, Nov., p. 20

Congress 2007
APWA Congress: The best bang for the buck, June, p. 14
My views on Congress, July, p. 23
San Antonio in pictures, July, p. 24
Four options to attend Congress, Sept., p. 22
Don't miss these at Congress!, Sept., p. 22
One-day passes available for Congress, Sept., p. 23
Fifty reasons to attend Congress, Sept., p. 24
APWA Congress: Texas Style!, Nov., p. 28
Pictures worth a thousand words, Nov., p. 40

A few keys for success for women in public works, Jan., p. 14
Field Employees Education and Development Conference, Feb., p. 24
Tempe's Tools, April, p. 36
Public Works Engineering: Diversity a cure for shortage?, May, p. 16
Leading by example, June, p. 16
Diversity: Doing the right thing, July, p. 34
How does the farmer grow a new crop every year?, Aug., p. 16
APWA diversity successes, Sept., p. 8
Homemaker, Version 2007, Oct., p. 12
Diversity events abundant at Congress, Nov., p. 14
Women will lead next stage of Kirby Drive construction, Dec., p. 14

Emergency Management
Mutual aid during disasters: EMAC is reaching out to public works, Jan., p. 32
NIMS and ICS: a new alphabet soup, Jan., p. 34
Emergency preparedness and response, Jan., p. 36
Public Works and Urban Search and Rescue: What is our role?, Jan., p. 38
Floodplain mapping modernization: a case history, Jan., p. 40
City of Santa Fe Springs is ready to SERV!, Jan., p. 42
Public Works and the current influenza pandemic threat, Jan., p. 44
Public Works Mutual Aid: Making it work, Sept., p. 30

Engineering and Technology
Is train noise disrupting your community?, June, p. 31
Pavement management is more than software, June, p. 34
Pump station sited on private property eliminates sanitary sewer overflow, June, p. 36
Blending new technology with existing architecture, June, p. 38
Design-Build procedures for smaller communities, June, p. 41
Protecting the Florida Keys with advanced wastewater treatment, June, p. 44
Communicating with motorists, Sept., p. 94

Facilities and Grounds
Green is the smart choice for Milwaukee, April, p. 50
Art as Public Activator, April, p. 52
A greater rate of return with CDDs, April, p. 56
CMMS: Managing facilities as a business, April, p. 62
Thirty years hardly seems temporary, April, p. 64
Redesigning a City of Milwaukee vest-pocket park: a play in three acts, April, p. 66
Private industry, professional groups, and government agencies work together to assist communities after Hurricane Katrina, April, p. 68
Workplace Safety, April, p. 70
Tornado makes direct hit on Iowa City, April, p. 72

Fleet Services
Your road map to success: writing a business plan, Aug., p. 24
Get a big bang for your fleet buck, Aug., p. 28
Winnipeg paves the way in fleet management, Aug., p. 32
Scenario planning for fleet managers, Aug., p. 36
The Magical Mystery Tour of CDL, Aug., p. 38
City of Naperville's Vehicle Replacement Scoring Model, p. 42

Our Small Cities/Rural Communities Leader: Jerry Gibbs of Park City, Utah, May, p. 20
SC/RC Forum provides solutions for small cities and rural communities, June, p. 21
New recruiting tool for teens, July, p. 32
Twenty tips to combat global warming for public works professionals, Aug., p. 12
Wildlife Action Plans: A new tool for utilities, Sept., p. 88
Another Tool: Municipal Leasing, Sept., p. 92

Inside APWA
Index to 2006 articles, Jan., p. 16
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb., p. 12
Lake Zurich: Best Decorative Plow Award, March, p. 20
APWA leadership meets with Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, March, p. 25
A decade of financial growth, stability and success, April, p. 8
APWA Board of Directors, April, p. 12
Meet the APWA staff, April, p. 13
Chapter leaders turn it on, tune it on and turn it up, April, p. 30
A journey to new educational heights for APWA: the Education Summit 2007, June, p. 12
Many APWA chapters involving students in chapter activities, June, p. 18
Candidates for the 2007-2008 APWA Board of Directors named, July, p. 10
APWA and AGC renew partnership agreement, July, p. 15
New England Chapter visits the South, July, p. 20
Why reinvent the wheel, when you can have your infoNOW!, July, p. 30
New ideas to STRETCH your training budget!, Aug., p. 15
New Board member appointed, Oct., p. 9
Thoughts from APWA's first-ever Thought Leader Session, Nov., p. 11
APWA, SWANA co-locate exhibitions in 2010, Dec., p. 11
APWA awards nine professionals with Fleet Professional Certification, Dec., p. 12

International Idea Exchange
Kansas City memories, Jan., p. 26
APWA delegation attends AMMAC conference, Jan., p. 28
AMMAC Trip Report, Jan., p. 29
International Public Works Conference, Cairns, Australia, Feb., p. 34
Public Works Delegation to India, March, p. 28
Se habla Public Works?, April, p. 46
2007 Jennings Randolph Fellowship recipients named, April, p. 48
Global Challenges, Local Solutions: ICMA International's Work Overseas, May, p. 30
An international friend of APWA heeds the call for service: Zeferino Sanchez, June, p. 30
IFME: An International Federation, July, p. 43
Slovak and Czech Republics Fall 2007 Public Works Conference, July, p. 45
Dreams to Reality, Aug., p. 22
An international year in review, Sept., p. 58
Call for applicants for 2008 Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, Sept., p. 60
Public Works in Patagonia, Argentina, Oct., p. 22
International perspectives and an educational two-way street, Nov., p. 26
Looking up from Down Under, Dec., p. 20
Dynamic succession under the Australian sky, Dec., p. 22

Leadership and Management
Building depth in your leadership team, Sept., p. 36
Recipes for Success, Dec., p. 24
Swinging on the office grapevine: the Tarzan approach to organizational health, Dec., p. 28
Are you keeping the city in the dark? The public works director as policy maker, Dec., p. 30
The Bad Boss, Dec., p. 32
How to be an employee: Working 101, Dec., p. 34
Increasing worker resiliency, Dec., p. 38
Do you take your humor seriously?, Dec., p. 42

National Public Works Week
National Public Works Week Promotion: May 2007, Jan., p. 22
Town of Brookline celebrates National Public Works Week, March, p. 18
What you can do for National Public Works Week, April, p. 32
National Public Works Week: California style!, May, p. 8
National Public Works Week celebrated on Capitol Hill, July, p. 14

New APWA staff
Kathryn Ruth, March, p. 10
Clint Helfers, April, p. 45
Sonja Yarbrough, June, p. 27
Kelly Price, Aug., p. 15
Shanel Hicks, Oct., p. 9
Derek Thiessen, Nov., p. 25

North American Snow Conference
The Show for Snow!, Jan., p. 8
A Twin Technical Tour in the Twin Cities, Feb., p. 16
Behind-the-scenes Technical Tour: Customized snowfighting equipment of Minnesota, March, p. 12
2007 Snow Conference Exhibitors, April, p. 24
North American Snow Conference in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," June, p. 8

George Mim Mack dies at 80, Feb., p. 14

President's Message
Question, think and plan, Jan., p. 2
Protecting the future with wise stewardship, Feb., p. 4
Snow savvy? We have it covered!, March, p. 4
The future of sustainability has arrived. Are you ready?, April, p. 4
The Best of the Best, May, p. 4
Engineering and best practices provide practical accessibility, June, p. 4
Keeping it flowing, July, p. 4
Taking fleet to the next level, Aug., p. 4
Celebrating the "WOW" association, Sept., p. 4
We are there to do a job and we do it well, Oct., p. 4
We are, we can, we will, Nov., p. 4
Public Works is...Leadership in Action, Dec., p. 4

Solid Waste Management
Solid waste residential collection going automated, 10 years later, March, p. 32
San Juan Capistrano's recycling success story, March, p. 34
Biomass and alternative energy in St. Paul, March, p. 36
Comparison of household hazardous waste collection programs, March, p. 38
Are your solid waste assets being efficiently and effectively managed?, March, p. 42
Waste management with a twist, March, p. 44
Landfills as an economic resource, Sept., p. 27
Clean Roads to Clean Air, Sept., p. 38

Technical Committee News
"The sky is falling"...and other life-threatening issues, Jan., p. 6
A steady stream of projects, Feb., p. 14
Read any trashy books lately?, March, p. 10
Building concerns and growing issues, April, p. 23
Engineering and technology, the big umbrella of public works, June, p. 10
Transportation, a moving experience, July, p. 12
Fleet Services Committee doing plenty for our members, Aug., p. 10
Right-of-Way: A valuable asset, Sept., p. 6
Hat's off to a great leader!, Oct., p. 10
"It's Good to be King," Dec., p. 13

Main Street Bridge: Naperville, Illinois, July, p. 48
Searching for the transportation vision thing, July, p. 51
Implementing new technologies and practices that improve safety and performance, July, p. 54
Washington governor uses new accountability program to keep transportation projects on track and on budget, July, p. 56
Dramatic results from cost-effective rural road safety assessment program, July, p. 59
Sidewalk repair program in Orange County, July, p. 60
The Escambia County Road Prison Program, July, p. 62
City employees step up safety awareness on streets following coworker's accident on the job, July, p. 65
Learning to live with a railroad as your neighbor, July, p. 66
Experience the Roundabout, Sept., p. 25
200 MPH Design Speed?, Sept., p. 32
Preventive maintenance programs keep your bridges open for years to come, Sept., p. 42
Modern Roundabouts: Safe. Efficient. Attractive., Sept., p. 47
Sacramento becomes first in state to establish 24-hour Quiet Zones at 28 railroad crossings, Sept., p. 90

Utilities and Public Right-of-Way
Fiber to the Premises (FTTP): Force Them To Pave?, Sept., p. 62
Excavation stage one-call notifications: the best call you will ever make, Sept., p. 66
The Battleground, Sept., p. 68
Get to know your area locators, Sept., p. 70
Long-range visual inspection of mains using a tetherless robot, Sept., p. 72
Implementation of an Electronic Permitting System (a.k.a. Mission Impossible?), Sept., p. 74
Initiative on Dimensional Tolerances in Construction, Sept., p. 78
Lessons learned from Hillsborough County's buildout of a fiber-to-the-premises program, Sept., p. 80
Stray current mitigation in Portland's Transit Mall, Sept., p. 83

Washington Insight
Communication is everything: refining your message for a new Congress, Jan., p. 4
Local projects tread water amid uncertainty over Army Corps wetlands authority, Feb., p. 6
Federal Affairs Waste Management Update, March, p. 6
APWA is working in Washington to provide the most up-to-date forestry information to members, April, p. 6
APWA launches redesigned Advocacy web page, May, p. 6
President Verkest testifies before National Transportation Commission, May, p. 7
You can change the world, one state at a time!, June, p. 6
Predicted Highway Trust Fund deficit underscores need to strengthen revenue sources, July, p. 6
Findings and recommendations for a Water Utility Sector Management Strategy Report released, July, p. 8
Fleet Fuel Economy, Climate Change & Congress, Aug., p. 6
Protecting local control: a chapter advocacy success story in Tennessee, Sept., p. 50
APWA member Kathleen Davis briefs Congress on SAFETEA-LU, Sept., p. 51
Public works officials discuss Farm Bill with congressional staff, Oct., p. 8
Board adopts APWA advocacy priorities for 2008, Nov., p. 6
Climate change legislation in 110th Congress, Nov., p. 7
APWA prepares for SAFETEA-LU reauthorization, Dec., p. 7

Water Resources
Managing water resource investments for the next generation, Feb., p. 36
Southern California water quality project merits a closer look, Feb., p. 42
Water resources programs benefit from sewer history, Feb., p. 44
Arkansas wastewater treatment plant pilots path to fledgling technology, Feb., p. 46
Filtration and infiltration of urban runoff keeps California creek clean, Feb., p. 48
The Dust Bowl: Water conservation may be the key to avoiding a repeat, Feb., p. 50
Safe drinking water, Feb., p. 54

Winter Maintenance
Winter maintenance suite of computer-based training modules, Oct., p. 26
Keys to preparing a winter weather operations manual, Oct., p. 30
Key elements of snow and ice control: safe roads, money and the environment, Oct., p. 34
Written snow and ice control plans are essential for winter maintenance agencies, Oct., p. 36
New tool helps you select the right deicing material, Oct., p. 40
NYSDOT's response to snow emergencies in New York State, Oct., p. 42
An innovative solution for snowfighter training, Oct., p. 44
A new approach to training snowfighters, Oct., p. 46
Ice and Snow...Take It Slow, Oct., p. 47
Why do weather forecasts vary so much?, Oct., p. 50
Concrete answers for the cold weather quandary, Oct., p. 52
The economics of winter-focused safety investments, Oct., p. 55