Awards 2007

APWA's Awards Program recognizes outstanding individuals, groups and chapters representing the best in public works. In the May issue of the APWA Reporter we paid tribute to the Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year and in the July issue we covered the Public Works Projects of the Year. In this issue we announce the rest of this year's award winners, recognizing their achievements in excellence demonstrated by their discipline, vision, and passion of service to their communities.

Professional Manager of the Year Award - Facilities and Grounds
The Facilities and Grounds Professional Manager of the Year Award seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in the public sector by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of facilities and/or grounds management professionals. The focus of this award is the recognition of exceptional leadership and management in the field of facilities and/or grounds.

Kerstin G. von der Heide
Village Forester
Village of Downers Grove, Illinois

Kerstin G. von der Heide has worked as Village Forester for Downers Grove, Ill., for the past 16 years. She holds Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees from Northern Illinois University and is a Certified Arborist/Municipal Specialist. During her tenure, her direct efforts have made Downers Grove's forestry program one of the top programs in the Chicago area, if not the state. In 2006, Downers Grove's forestry program received accreditation from the Society of Municipal Arborists. This accreditation is a very distinct recognition as, at present, only two other SMA-accredited forestry programs exist in Illinois.

For years, von der Heide has taken an active leadership role within the Suburban Tree Consortium, a northern Illinois organization whose mission is to maintain and improve the urban forest within the Chicago metropolitan region by fostering cooperation and communication at the municipal level; supporting cost-effective means of acquiring and installing trees; and offering technical assistance and information regarding municipal forestry. von der Heide has been an active member of the executive committee for 11 years, including serving as President from 1998 to the present.

Professional Manager of the Year Award - Public Fleet
The Professional Manager of the Year Award in the Public Fleet category seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in the public sector by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of public fleet management professionals. The primary focus of this award is the recognition of exceptional leadership and management of public sector fleets.

T.J. Sorensen
Operations Superintendent
City of Green Bay, Wisconsin

Since 1989, T.J. Sorensen has been the Operations Superintendent at the City of Green Bay, Wis. He manages a $1.4 million repair budget and has an annual new and replacement equipment budget of $1.45 million. His fleet is multifaceted and consists of more than 400 pieces of equipment. Sorensen is responsible for the specification, purchase and disposal of all vehicles. He maintains a 99 percent preventive maintenance completion rate for Green Bay's fleet. In the last 10 years, he has managed to reduce the City's overall vehicle and equipment maintenance costs by more than 15 percent.

Sorensen's fleet projects for the City of Green Bay in 2007 include the upgrading of the fleet management software and fueling systems. He is composing a fuel management program, which includes idle shutdown parameters for all City equipment. He has nearly finished a tire study comparing two different manufacturers' products on refuse and dump trucks looking at initial cost and fuel use. Sorensen is also authoring a stormwater management report on salt usage and truck calibration relating it to the Wisconsin State Department of Transportation policies and procedures.

Professional Manager of the Year Award - Public Right-of-Way
The Professional Manager of the Year Award in the Public Right-of-Way category seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in the public sector by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of public right-of-way management professionals. The primary focus of this award is recognition of public rights-of-way management which demonstrates that all stakeholders share the public rights-of-way in harmony and preserve them in the best interest and benefit of the public.

Mark Macy, P.E.
Director of Engineering
City of Nashville, Tennessee

Mark Macy, P.E., has 30 years of experience providing engineering services in the public and private sectors. He has designed and managed transportation, drainage, communication and water distribution projects throughout the United States. As the Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of Nashville, Macy has led the development of numerous cutting-edge right-of-way management programs including Pavement Management Program; Comprehensive Sidewalk Construction, Repair, and Maintenance Program; Bikeways Program; Streetscape Design Guidelines; Engineering Specifications and Details; Pavement and Sidewalk Repair Details; and Electronic Permitting System.

Macy has filled numerous roles within APWA at the national and chapter levels, serving as a member, SAFETEA-LU Task Force; Tennessee Middle Branch President; member, Common Ground Alliance; chair and member, Utilities and Public Right-of-Way (UPROW) Committee; and chair and member, Construction Practices Subcommittee. In addition, Macy's leadership and direction of the UPROW Committee has resulted in a number of educational sessions at the APWA Congress as well as articles for the APWA Reporter.

Professional Manager of the Year Award - Public Works Emergency Management
The Professional Manager of the Year Award in Public Works Emergency Management seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in the public sector by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of public works emergency management professionals.

Guadalupe Thomas
Public Works Operations Manager
City of Oakland, California

As the Public Works Operations Manager for the City of Oakland, Calif., Guadalupe Thomas manages a staff of 160 employees. He has more than 16 years of experience as a manager in a public works setting, serving at the state and local level, and more than 26 years of emergency response management experience. He previously served as an Incident Commander, Hazardous Materials Specialist and as an Outreach Instructor for the California Office of Emergency Services.

Thomas assumed his current position in January 2006 during one of the worst storm seasons in Oakland's recorded history. From January through March of 2006, he and his staff responded to a multitude of emergency situations that entailed road closures due to major slides, and homes being red-tagged and evacuated. The City of Oakland was basically declared an emergency disaster area eligible for matching Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds. Additionally, during Thomas's first storm season at the City of Oakland, the emergency response operations were conducted without incident under his direction.

Professional Manager of the Year Award - Solid Waste
The Professional Manager of the Year Award in the Solid Waste category seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in the private and public sectors by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of solid waste management professionals. The primary focus of this award is recognition of exceptional management, operation and maintenance of public sector solid waste operations.

David A. Pelser, P.E.
Director, Waste Management & Recycling
Sacramento County, Califo
David A. Pelser, P.E., has more than 30 years of experience in local government administration, business management, financial management and organizational leadership. His background includes planning, design, construction and operations of facilities for waste management and recycling, water, wastewater and transportation systems.

When Pelser was appointed Director of Waste Management & Recycling for Sacramento County, he immediately pursued a new vision for the regional waste management system, including long-term stability of system components and costs through diversification of regional strategies and a healthy balance of public- and private-sector involvement. For example, beneficial use of green waste is now handled by a combination of composting (by a contractor) and processing for alternative daily landfill cover (by County staff). In addition, the Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority now has in preparation an Environmental Impact Report for its Greencycle project which involves a unique public/private partnership model developed under Pelser's leadership. The project also includes provisions for a portion of the site to be used for emerging technology demonstration projects.

Professional Manager of the Year Award - Transportation
The Professional Manager of the Year Award in the Transportation category seeks to recognize outstanding achievement in the area of transportation and to inspire excellence and dedication in the public sector by recognizing outstanding career service achievements of public transportation professionals. The primary focus of this award is recognition of exceptional leadership and management by an individual through a significant transportation-related project or program.

Tom Zlotkowski
Director, Transportation
Sacramento County, California

Tom Zlotkowski came to Sacramento from New Jersey in 1979 and has since established more than 20 years of transportation-related experience. He was named Director of the Sacramento County Department of Transportation (SACDOT) in May 2000. As Director of SACDOT, Zlotkowski is responsible for an organization of 375 employees, with a $160 million budget to maintain, operate and improve a system that includes over 5,000 lane miles of road. Under his direction, SACDOT has made numerous improvements to the local and regional transportation systems.

SACDOT's seven-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), which currently includes more than 60 projects valued at $350 million, is the guiding document behind improvements to the County transportation system. Zlotkowski pioneered development of the TIP process, which is the single most important planning document produced by SACDOT each year. The TIP provides a framework for elected officials, regional partners and staff to understand SACDOT projects that will be implemented over the next seven years. The TIP is updated on an annual basis to reflect new and completed projects and funding.

Professional Manager of the Year Award - Water Resources
The purpose of the Professional Manager of the Year Award in the Water Resources category is to recognize outstanding accomplishments or achievements by individuals providing management in the field of water resources and whose contributions have had a positive impact on the profession of public works.

Keith DeVore
Director, Water Resources
Sacramento County, California

Keith DeVore has been the Director of Sacramento County's Department of Water Resources since April 2000. He manages an extensive drainage and flood control system serving more than 190,000 accounts and consisting of 2,400 miles of storm drain, 32 pump stations and four detention basins.

Relationships are the key to DeVore's work philosophy. Under his leadership, the Department of Water Resources has worked closely with communities in the unincorporated areas of the County, as well as with the incorporated cities, on both drainage and water supply issues. Recently, he was instrumental in helping bring about a tentative water supply accord with the East Bay Municipal Utility District, which has the potential to end decades of conflict between numerous parties. DeVore also guided the way to achieving a community rating of "5" for the National Flood Insurance Program, thereby earning a 25 percent discount in flood insurance premiums for those who live within a special flood hazard area and 10 percent for those who do not—an annual savings of about $2 million.

Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education - Individual
Established in honor of Donald C. Stone, founder of APWA, to recognize outstanding and meritorious achievement of individuals assisting in the areas of continuing and graduate professional education for public works professionals. Established in 1988, the award is also intended to recognize APWA chapters for their work in delivering educational opportunities for all levels of persons engaged in the delivery of public works services.

R. Mark DeVries
Maintenance Superintendent/Operations
McHenry County, Illinois, Division of Transportation

R. Mark DeVries serves as the Maintenance Superintendent of the McHenry County, Ill., Division of Transportation. He is Vice Chair of the national APWA Winter Maintenance Subcommittee, member of the APWA Chicago Metro Chapter, member of the ASTM Technical Committee for deicing chemical specification and member of the Midwestern States Snow and Ice Group.

DeVries has presented at numerous seminars across North America and in-state. He has shared his experiences with many local agencies as well as at local seminars and expos. The Chicago Metro Chapter and the Fox Valley Branch have asked him to speak on several occasions and he serves as Chair of the local snow and ice conference and awards committee. Besides presenting at these events, his national exposure has allowed him to bring other experts to present at these events as well. He also volunteers for the Illinois Local Technology Transfer Program (LTAP), and teaches flagging safety and snow and ice removal for new operators for all local agencies in northern Illinois.

Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education - Chapter
Established in honor of Donald C. Stone, founder of APWA, to recognize outstanding and meritorious achievement of individuals assisting in the areas of continuing and graduate professional education for public works professionals. Established in 1988, the award is also intended to recognize APWA chapters for their work in delivering educational opportunities for all levels of persons engaged in the delivery of public works services.

Minnesota Chapter
The Minnesota Chapter continues to deliver a wide array of educational opportunities for all levels of professionals engaged in the delivery of public works services. Last year marked the inaugural class of the chapter's Leadership Academy. Partnering with the Hamline University Graduate School of Management, this mini-master's program targets holders of two- or four-year post-secondary degrees, or experienced graduates of the chapter's Public Works Certificate Program. The initial 23-member cohort consists of young engineers, supervisors and managers who will make up the next generation of our public works leaders.

The Minnesota Chapter's annual Spring Conference, Fall Workshop and Fall Conference all posted record attendance levels. The Spring Conference drew 177 attendees, with the Fall Workshop drawing 227 attendees and the Fall Conference drawing 346 attendees. The Public Works Certificate Program remained strong, averaging 20 students in each of the four public works semester classes. The Spring Expo attracted 563 registrants along with 56 vendors, and the Fall Expo continues its reign as one of the largest public works conferences and expos in the upper Midwest, attracting 2,979 attendees and 105 vendors.

Charles Walter Nichols Award for Environmental Excellence
The Charles Walter Nichols Award for Environmental Excellence was established in 1951 by Charles Walter Nichols of Nichols Engineering Research Corporation. The award recognizes outstanding and meritorious achievement in the environmental field in its broadest sense. This may include, but is not limited to: street sanitation, refuse collection, disposal and recycling, sewers and sewage treatment, water supply, and water treatment.

Charles Hardt
Director of Public Works
City of Tulsa, Oklahoma

For the past 30 years, the City of Tulsa, Okla., has benefited from the engineering expertise of Charles Hardt. As the Public Works Director, he oversees many engineers who manage Tulsa's streets, water and sewer services, stormwater drainage, and construction and maintenance facilities. He balances his technical excellence with the ability to explain engineering projects in a way that non-engineers, such as elected officials and other Tulsa citizens, can understand.

During a four-year period, Hardt was not only the Public Works Director but was appointed the Chief Operating Officer for the City by the Mayor. Public Works, Parks, Urban Development, Performing Arts and Convention Center, Fire Department, Gilcrease Museum and Tulsa International Airport reported to him. During this period of time, an aggressive program for noise abatement for homes located near the airport began and continues today, as funding becomes available. The citizens who have participated in the program can testify that their lives have improved and their property value has increased.

Harry S. Swearingen Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement and Excellence in Chapter Service - Individual (two winners)
The Harry S. Swearingen Award was established in 1958 to perpetuate the memory of Harry Seller Swearingen (1900-1957), who worked untiringly on behalf of APWA and its purposes. A career employee of the City of Los Angeles, Swearingen was an active member of the Southern California Chapter. This award recognizes outstanding individual achievement through chapter activity and achievement in support of the association's strategic plan, goals and objectives, as well as outstanding service to APWA as a public or private sector member at the chapter level.

Thomas A. Colbert, P.E.
Director of Public Works
City of Eagan, Minnesota

Thomas A. Colbert, P.E., has been instrumental in introducing several activities and innovations resulting in a stronger, more vibrant Minnesota Chapter. As Chapter President in 2005, Colbert implemented a more rigorous annual strategic goal-setting protocol enhancing service to chapter members. One very aggressive goal identified was to plan and organize chapter finances/efforts in a way that would enable the chapter members to be in a position to host a major APWA conference every four years. In addition, Colbert implemented the review and significant update and revision of chapter bylaws to bring them into compliance with APWA National standards.

During the summer and fall of 2006 while serving in the capacity of immediate Past President of the Minnesota Chapter, Colbert chaired the chapter's History Committee and initiated a major effort to construct a complete history of the chapter. The fantastic results were showcased at the chapter's annual Fall Conference in conjunction with the celebration of 60 years as a successful chapter of APWA.

Jayne Longley
Retired Administrator
City of Houston, Texas

Jayne Longley retired from the City of Houston in December 2001 after completing her term as the first female President of the Texas Chapter. She recently completed 14 years of continuous membership in the organization and has served through all the chairs of the SE Texas Branch as well as the Texas Chapter. She recently retired from a six-year appointment as Executive Administrator of the SE Branch, and currently serves as Texas Chapter Historian. Longley has attended most of the chapter board meetings for the past 10 years and is a member of the Hospitality Committee for the 2007 APWA Congress to be held in San Antonio.

This past year, the SE Branch hosted 20 events, including 10 monthly meetings, three joint society/association meetings, three Director's Breakfasts, two golf tournaments, several events during National Public Works Week (including a career day for elementary school students) and an annual awards banquet. Longley was involved in planning and executing all these events which are aimed at recruiting new APWA members and promoting the continuing and professional education for public works professionals.

Harry S. Swearingen Award for Outstanding Chapter Achievement and Excellence in Chapter Service - Corporate
The Harry S. Swearingen Award was established in 1958 to perpetuate the memory of Harry Seller Swearingen (1900-1957), who worked untiringly on behalf of APWA and its purposes. A career employee of the City of Los Angeles, Swearingen was an active member of the Southern California Chapter. This award recognizes outstanding individual achievement through chapter activity and achievement in support of the association's strategic plan, goals and objectives, as well as outstanding service to APWA as a public or private sector member at the chapter level.

Amick Equipment Company, Inc.
Lexington, South Carolina

The South Carolina Chapter of APWA is fortunate to have the support of vendors interested in ensuring the success of the chapter. Many vendors are worthy of the chapter's recognition; however, Amick Equipment Company, Inc., stands out as the best of the best. The continued support of Amick Equipment has led to enhanced activities across the state and opportunities for members to network and share experiences while pursuing the mission of public works employees.

Amick Equipment has supported the chapter since 1973. The company helped organize the first summer meeting in 1974 in Myrtle Beach and later helped start the Fall Equipment Shows. For most of the early years, Amick Equipment hosted the South Carolina Chapter dinners at the annual APWA Congress and Exposition. Amick Equipment has provided funding for conference meals and drinks, without hesitation and without the expectations of recognition. In doing so, their contributions have enabled the chapter to become financially secure while providing members with activities that enhance their membership value.

Community Involvement Award
The Community Involvement Award recognizes public works leaders who are also leaders in their community; encourages public works professionals to become active leaders in their community; and fosters public trust in public works professionals through recognition of outstanding community leadership.

Richard P. Merson
Director of Public Works
Needham, Massachusetts

Richard Merson's community involvement is extensive. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Boston since 1990. He has served in many roles including Board President for two years from 1995 to 1997. As President, he presided over a long-range planning effort for the agency. In 1994, Merson received the President's Award from the UCP of Metro Boston for his participation and hard work. He is presently serving as Board Treasurer and is actively involved with the staff in developing the agency's vision statement.

In addition to his work with UCP of Metro Boston, Merson has been involved in a variety of community services including the Massachusetts Development Disability Council; Children's Hospital of Boston; St. James the Great; St. Paul Pastoral Council; Knights of Columbus, Wellesley Council No. 3011; Needham Pop Warner Football; Boy Scouts of America; Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering; and Education Foundation, Inc.

Diversity Exemplary Practices Award
The Diversity Exemplary Practices Award recognizes individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to diversity. The American Public Works Association defines diversity as "Valuing of all individuals and different perspectives of those individuals, and providing the process for all to feel included as part of the whole. Diversity includes race, gender, creed, age, lifestyle, national origin, disability, personality, educational background and income level. Diversity is neither an affirmative action nor an equal opportunity program."

Workforce Development Plan
Oregon Department of Transportation
Salem, Oregon

Oregon's transportation system is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Unprecedented levels of construction for maintenance projects, local and county roads, and highway bridges are underway and will continue through 2011. This construction activity presents a unique opportunity to revitalize the state's economy by creating new jobs for Oregonians and addressing the predicted shortage of skilled workers in the state due to growth and an aging workforce.

The Oregon Department of Transportation's (ODOT) Workforce Development Plan addresses this issue by leveraging existing resources and exploiting key partnerships with the heavy industry, educational institutions, employment programs, organized labor and industry employer organizations. Existing resources from Oregon's Workforce Development System are used to identify, screen and provide preparatory training for individuals interested in heavy highway careers. ODOT has judiciously used its funds to supplement this process in a way that ensures outreach to potential female and minority applicants. Having a program that tackles both the supply and demand of Oregon's construction workforce in a socially responsible manner will be invaluable to Oregon and its residents.

Young Leader Award
The Young Leader Award recognizes and encourages young APWA members who have demonstrated an initial commitment to the profession and the association and show potential for future growth within the association. The award promotes the concept that length of career does not necessarily indicate leadership abilities or potential for service.

Daniel R. Stack, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer
City of Overland Park, Kansas

Daniel R. Stack, P.E., is a Senior Civil Engineer for the City of Overland Park, Kans., Public Works Department and has served as both project manager and program manager for a number of major public improvement projects. Because of his commitment and talent, he was selected by senior public works staff in 2002 to manage the City's Residential Street Improvement Program—a position normally assigned to more mature and experienced project managers. Since his assignment, Stack has managed the reconstruction of more than 15 miles of neighborhood streets valued in excess of $20 million. Without exception, he has been praised for his professionalism, honesty and fairness.

Stack quickly established himself as a dedicated and hard-working member of APWA's Kansas City Metro Chapter by volunteering as a member of the chapter's Education and Training Committee in 2000. He went on to chair that committee in 2001 and 2002. Under his leadership, the committee hosted several chapter education events and even national-level events sponsored through APWA. Stack was also actively involved with the chapter during the 2002 and 2006 National APWA Congresses held in Kansas City, Mo.

Exceptional Performance Award
Established in 1996, the Exceptional Performance Award recognizes individuals, teams or organizations in the areas of adversity, journalism and safety, whose outstanding contributions in the course of performance raise the level of public awareness for the profession.

Exceptional Performance Award-Adversity
The Exceptional Performance Award-Adversity recognizes exceptional performance in the face of adversity in service to the public.

Danvers Department of Public Works
Town of Danvers, Massachusetts

On November 22, 2006, the Town of Danvers, Mass., was rocked by an explosion from a paint and ink manufacturing facility. The initial explosion caused an eighty-foot plume of fire and sent out a percussive wave which tore the closest buildings off their foundations and blew out windows for a mile and a half in all directions. Chemicals stored in the facility caused additional smaller explosions and the residents of the abutting neighborhood were sent running from their homes with only the clothes on their backs.

The Danvers Department of Public Works (DPW), under the leadership of Public Works Director Don DeHart (who retired in August 2007), became a critical part of the emergency response. The Danvers DPW was able to provide equipment and manpower to deal with all aspects of the event ranging from traffic safety to proper shelter and care for evacuees. DeHart organized and distributed the 110 public works employees to deal with task after task. This was done not through the typical chaos expected in an event such as this, but through professional leadership, organization and dedication to task by the employees.

Exceptional Performance Award-Journalism
The Exceptional Performance Award-Journalism recognizes exceptional performance in presenting the story of a public works issue or event that projects a positive image of individuals or agencies in the course of their performance in both broadcast and print mediums.

How to Nearly Double Sewer Rates without Ratepayer Revolt
Department of Public Works
City of Indianapolis, Indiana

In early 2005, the City of Indianapolis, Ind., Department of Public Works conducted a rate study that identified $435 million in stormwater and sanitary infrastructure needs for 2005-2008. In order to finance these projects, the City needed to raise sanitary sewer rates by 87 percent and stormwater rates by 80 percent over a three-year period. The last sanitary rate increase had been 17.8 percent in 2001. Prior to that, customers hadn't seen a rate increase since the late 1980s.

The Department of Public Works and consultants working for the Indianapolis Clean Stream Team developed a public outreach plan with four essential elements: (1) public education on infrastructure problems, (2) demonstrating the benefits of the proposed rate increase, (3) outreach to key stakeholders, and (4) media activities and events timed to council action. The public outreach campaign led to a successful increase in sewer and stormwater rates. The Department of Public Works and its Indianapolis Clean Stream Team generated press kits, briefing materials, newsletters and other written and visual materials to tell the story of the city's infrastructure needs and the funds needed to make necessary repairs.

Exceptional Performance Award-Safety
The Exceptional Performance Award-Safety recognizes exceptional performance in the area of safety.

Swept Away, A Stormwater Warning
Transportation Department, Stormwater Management Section
City of Tucson, Arizona

On May 28, 2005, a Tucson family nearly lost two of their children in a rain-swollen wash in the Rita Ranch subdivision in Tucson, Ariz. The family lived in Tucson only a few years and was unaware of the dangers of Tucson's flash floods, especially on such a mild, sunny day.

Upon hearing the news and reading the newspaper accounts of their experience, the City of Tucson Transportation Department, Stormwater Management Section, jumped at the opportunity to partner with the Seitz family as Wash Safety Ambassadors to launch a campaign educating the public about the dangers of flowing washes. As a result, City staff produced an eight-minute video, "Swept Away, A Stormwater Warning." The video is featured prominently on the City's website and is made available to surrounding jurisdictions, schools, neighborhood associations, libraries, television stations and the public. This stormwater safety education campaign will be repeated every year during Tucson's rainy season to remind longtime residents and to inform nearly 20,000 people who move there each year.

International Service Award
Established by the APWA International Affairs Committee, the APWA International Service Award recognizes an APWA member who has furthered the cause of international understanding and cooperation by becoming actively involved in exchanges, establishing a relationship with a public works entity from another country or providing outstanding public works service on an international basis.

Jimmy B. Foster, P.E.
Director of Public Works
City of Plano, Texas

Jimmy B. Foster, P.E., began his career in international service in 1980 with his work as a community development consultant in Burkina Faso, West Africa. He has visited and worked in 57 countries, advising overseas personnel regarding humanitarian projects and assisting in the development of disaster relief plans around the world. He has conducted numerous meetings with government officials in many countries, including China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Peru and Guatemala. From 1991-92, he was assigned to a crisis management team focused on the safe release of two hostages held for six months in a Middle-Eastern country.

Foster is tireless in his efforts to promote the public works profession and particularly APWA. As the Texas Chapter Delegate, and current Chair of the House of Delegates, he continues to promote membership in APWA. He was a member of the Finance Committee for three years, and previously served as Chair of the International Affairs Committee. Foster was named one of APWA's Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year in 2005.

Technical Innovation Award and Management Innovation Award
The Technical Innovation Award and the Management Innovation Award recognize an individual, team or organization for the development, management and implementation of a creative idea, device, process or system that enhances the goals of public works in serving the public and protecting the environment.

Technical Innovation Award

Georgetown County, South Carolina, Public Works
In June 2005, Georgetown County, S.C., Public Works embarked on a technical innovation process to integrate existing off-the-shelf technology to provide a low-cost, web-based capability for small counties that enables private citizens and county employees to record, track and manage both internal and external requests for services from any PC/terminal with Internet access. This application integrated the various databases (GIS, e-mail, SQL, FEMA costs, etc.) using Web technology. It has reduced telephone call volume to county offices and tracked labor, materials and equipment costs of each service request.

The "At Your Request" (@YR) application can easily distinguish between requests and status reports via e-mail to responsible providers and customers. By interfacing with the County GIS database, requests that are the responsibility of other service providers within the County (i.e., city, town, SCDOT) are seamlessly forwarded to the appropriate government entity. Cost tracking capabilities permit the generation of reports that have satisfied both federal and various grant reimbursement requirements as a byproduct of providing the customer service. In addition, the application monitors specific user-defined inventory levels of material normally stocked by the County and sends electronic alerts when it is time to reorder supplies.

Management Innovation Award

Native Plant Community Policy
Johnson County, Iowa, Secondary Road Department

The Native Plant Community Policy started to take shape in 2003 as an objective of the Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Technical Advisory Committee (IRVMTAC). For several years the IRVMTAC worked on and completed noxious weed and brush control policies to better manage Johnson County's roadsides. These policies identified that "native plant communities" such as woodlands, prairies and wetlands have reduced impact management techniques employed to preserve these valuable roadside areas. The Native Plant Community Policy was created in order to identify these communities, use that data gathered to improve roadside plant community management and protection, and provide a more fact-based mechanism to provide objective criteria for evaluating and ranking these plant communities.

The Native Plant Community Policy addresses any roadway rights-of-way managed by the Secondary Road Department, and activities performed either by County personnel or by private individuals or companies seeking permits to work therein. Implementation of the policy will help guide the care and preservation of Johnson County's roadside woodlands, prairies and wetlands and will help protect a valuable natural resource.

Presidential Leadership Award
The Presidential Leadership Award is presented by the APWA President to members who have distinguished themselves and the public works profession with their leadership.

Myron D. Calkins
Public Works Director Emeritus
City of Kansas City, Missouri

Myron Calkins is a recognized leader in public works engineering and administration. He began his engineering career in 1942, progressed to administration as City Engineer for Tacoma, Washington in 1955, and retired some 30 years later as Director of Public Works for Kansas City, Missouri. Among his many distinctions, Calkins was APWA National President in 1970-71 and is a Past President of both the Washington State and Kansas City Metro Chapters. He was selected as the first Honorary Member of the Institute for Administrative Management. He has also served as President of the Public Works Historical Society. He is a past member of the Awards Review Committee and a current member of the APWA Reporter Editorial Advisory Board.

"If there is an icon in the public works profession, it is surely Myron D. Calkins," said APWA President Bill Verkest. "In a professional career that spanned over 40 years (and truthfully, continues yet today), Myron more than succeeded in meeting his share of complicated public works challenges. Equally important, he has remained a strong advocate for membership in professional associations, and a mentor to those of us in the profession. The strength of the American Public Works Association is underpinned by the brand of leadership demonstrated by Myron D. Calkins. Above all else, a conversation with Myron only enhances your confidence that you have chosen the right profession—the public works profession."

Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence (PACE)
The PACE Award recognizes APWA chapters for their positive impact on their membership, their profession and their community. The following chapters are receiving the 2007 PACE Award:

Arizona, Chicago Metro, Florida, Georgia, Kansas City Metro, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New England, New Mexico, New York, New York Metro, Northern California, Oklahoma, Oregon, Sacramento, San Diego, South Bay Area, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Ventura County, Washington State, Western PA, Wisconsin

The purpose of the accreditation program is to provide a means of formally verifying and recognizing public works agencies for compliance with the recommended practices set forth in the Public Works Management Practices Manual. It is a voluntary, self-motivated approach to objectively evaluate, verify and recognize compliance with the recommended management practices. Accreditation offers a voluntary evaluation rather than government regulated activity, and increases professionalism while instilling pride among agency staff, elected officials and the community.

The following cities have attained accreditation or reaccreditation since September 2006:

City of Bowling Green, KY
Accredited April 17, 2007

City of Gainesville, FL
Accredited August 24, 2007

City of Miami Beach, FL
Accredited May 25, 2007

Pierce County, WA
Accredited July 18, 2007

City of Winnipeg, MB
Accredited November 29, 2006


City of Dublin, OH
Reaccredited June 22, 2007

Awards Program
For more information about APWA's Awards Program contact Chapter Services at 800-848-APWA or, or download the complete program from APWA's website at