APWA Book Review

Emergency and Disaster Planning Manual
396 pp * 1996 * McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing * Laura G. Kaplan

In recent years, unprecedented natural disasters have resulted in the lengthy disruption of energy supplies to large numbers of people. The timely and efficient restoration of energy supplies is an emergency response action of critical importance to the speedy recovery and normal socioeconomic functioning of the devastated communities.

Minimizing the consequences of natural disaster is considered to be good business and in the national interest. Minimization is often achieved through a combination of energy response activities, usually taken in coordination with industry and local, state and federal governments.

Natural disasters are harrowing enough without the additional—and unnecessary—perils caused by inadequate emergency planning. And that's why every plant engineer, facilities manager, or anyone else responsible for formulating industrial emergency and disaster recover plans will want to study this book and apply its lessons.

The purpose of this manual is to capture the experiences of and the front-line involvement in directing and managing storm planning, restoration activities, and the recovery efforts surrounding a natural disaster, in order to improve future energy emergency preparedness, response time, and recovery activities. This manual considers emergency activities actually undertaken, the level and effectiveness of coordination between the various agents engaged in a response, and the appropriateness of established roles and responsibilities.

Comprehensive in scope, this practical guide will show you how to devise and put into action a strategic plan that will quickly respond to the restoration needs of your community, employees and company. You'll find specific, step-by-step details on how to:

  • Organize and plan
  • Provide employee services
  • Design and administer restoration activities efficiently
  • Manage inventory
  • Disseminate information to government agencies and the media
  • Master accounting and auditing techniques for insurance purposes
  • Address environmental cleanup issues

Plus, there are revealing and instructive case histories of specific disaster recovery situations ranging from oil spills and fires to ice storms and floods and to high-profile cases such as Hurricane Andrew and the Los Angeles riots.

Amply supported by helpful guidelines, checklists, illustrations, procedures and evaluation forms, here are the reliable tools and realistic insights that will help you overcome any unforeseen emergency.

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