No fines for cruising in APWA's WorkZone!

Susan Rehm, MBA
Program Marketing Specialist
APWA Kansas City Office

If you are a public works professional seeking a new job, or an employer needing to fill one, look no further than the APWA website. On June 5, APWA launched its new WorkZone online job site, which replaces the former "Jobs" section. It is 100% free for job seekers and provides functionality that will benefit both the job seeker and the employer. It's the only job site that was designed exclusively for the public works industry.

"APWA WorkZone was launched as a direct result of what our members said they want," said Peter B. King, APWA Executive Director. "APWA WorkZone connects public works professionals with the best public works jobs. Conversely, it also connects public works employers with the biggest and best public works talent pool available."

APWA WorkZone offers enhanced features that make posting and locating new positions easier than ever, including searches by location, job title or keywords. Job seekers can create their own personal search agents that will peruse available positions, select, then e-mail those descriptions that best meet the job seeker's criteria. One of the key benefits of using APWA WorkZone as a recruitment tool is that an employer's job goes "live" immediately, unlike other sites where jobs might be posted less frequently. This maximizes the employer's investment and gives them the competitive advantage of being first to the marketplace. Timeliness is a major consideration of technology-savvy job seekers who don't want to have to sort through old and expired postings.

"Web-based, online employment recruiting and searching is exploding because it is easy to use and powerful in matching job seekers and jobs easily and quickly," said King. "With our new, improved system, online job listings are charged to a credit card and posted immediately. Once a week, job seekers are notified via e-mail of new positions—all with the goal of quickly connecting the right employee with the right job."

Since APWA WorkZone has joined the ranks of online recruiting it has been meeting its goals as being more convenient for both the job seeker and employer. Timothy Harr, MPA, Director of Public Works for the City of Edwardsville, Illinois, concurs. He posted a position for a City Engineer and will review all of the responses after the ad expires. "It was about half the cost of running an ad in our local newspaper," he said. Norma Richards, Senior Human Resources Analyst for the City of Tamarac, Florida, commented on the ease of use. "We posted an Operations Manager position on the APWA website," she said. "APWA's website was very easy to use." Both Harr and Richards said that they would use APWA WorkZone to meet future recruitment needs.

In addition to public agencies, professional recruitment firms are also receiving good results from posting positions on APWA WorkZone. "WorkZone is on top of the list for us for public works positions," said Leah Jakusovszky, Recruitment Associate for Avery Associates, Los Gatos, California. "We will keep using this service in the future."

The most frequently posted jobs on APWA WorkZone have been for public works directors, civil and city engineers, and construction professionals. These trends echo statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor. The demand for civil engineers is projected to increase from 9-to-17% by 2014, mainly due to heightened awareness of infrastructure improvements and security issues. Society's concern for safer and more secure structures is expected to stimulate a faster than average (18-to-26%) increase in the demand for construction inspectors by 2014 ( Other popular jobs posted in APWA WorkZone include project managers, traffic/transportation engineers and managers, and assistant directors. Some of the more unique-sounding titles include Cabinet Chief; Manager, Kwajalein Operations; and LSIT.

Employers can double their exposure by placing their position ads in the new WorkZone section of the APWA Reporter. There is an additional flat fee for placing an ad in the APWA Reporter.

Targeted searches, access to the most qualified candidates, immediate posting—right at your fingertips—APWA WorkZone has it all! As the site evolves, users can expect new and improved features and functionality. Check out the site at or contact

Susan Rehm can be reached at (816) 595-5257 or

How to Use APWA WorkZone for Employers

1. Go to the APWA WorkZone homepage
2. Click on "Post Position"
3. Log in to the site. If you do not have a user ID account, follow the simple instructions on how to create one.
4. Enter your contact information
5. Select the job type and job category
6. Enter your position description
7. Review the summary of your position description
8. Review the word count and amount due
9. Indicate how many days you want the ad to run
10. Proceed to the payment screen
11. You will receive a confirmation e-mail
12. Your job is posted!

How to Use APWA WorkZone for Job Seekers (Quick Search)

1. Go to the APWA WorkZone homepage
2. From the drop-down menus, select State and or Job Category
3. You can also enter keywords
4. Click on "Search"