Technical Tour to showcase Cat facility

Jim Dugan
Media Representative
Corporate Public Affairs
Caterpillar Inc.
Peoria, Illinois

Editor's Note: The North American Snow Conference will take place April 30 - May 3 in Peoria, Illinois. One of the two Technical Tours scheduled for the morning of May 3 will take place in Caterpillar's Building SS, a track-type tractor assembly plant which is discussed in more detail below. Information on the other Technical Tour—the City of Peoria and IDOT Public Works Operation Centers—can be found in the March issue on page 10. See the special Snow Conference section following this page for more information about the keynote speakers, a list of all the education session topics, descriptions of the evening social activities, and a registration form.

East Peoria, Illinois is home to the Track-Type Tractors Division's headquarters of Caterpillar Inc. Our facilities boast some of the most efficient, technologically advanced and modern tractor assembly buildings in the world.

Our facility has streamlined factory operations with flexible manufacturing systems and other computer-based technology and processes. We are constantly increasing efficiencies, improving quality, and reducing the time it takes to get our product to our customers.

In Building SS, the largest track-type tractor assembly building in the world (694,050 square feet or 16.5 acres), our modular components become finished tractors. All major modules—engines, transmissions, final drives, and track groups—are functionally tested here in machines before shipment to our global dealers and customers. Building SS enables us to produce our larger track-type tractors for today and tomorrow's marketplaces, building products that have the best cost value ratio in the industry. The building consists of basic assembly, finish paint and the shipping floor. Machines assembled and finished in building SS include D6-D11 tractors and pipelayers.

Caterpillar's Track-Type Tractors Division is a popular landmark for visitors in the area, as well as nationally recognized television shows. In the past year both the "American Chopper" and "Made in America" have visited our facilities, recognizing Caterpillar machines and our employees. Our employees have a pride unlike any other. Every D9, D10, and D11 seen mining earth's energy sources, building the world's infrastructure, or cleaning up after natural disasters has been touched by those employees in East Peoria.

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