Index to 2004 articles

Listed in this index are all articles published in the 11 issues of the APWA Reporter during 2004. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order. All of the articles can be found on the APWA Reporter website at

Annual Buyers' Guide
Annual Buyers' Guide, April, p. 63
  Alphabetical listing, April, p. 63
  Categorical listing, April, p. 78

APWA Book Review
Municipal Stormwater Management (2nd Ed), Feb, p. 31
Beneficial Landfill Reuse, March, p. 5
Emergency Management: Field Manual for Public Works, April, p. 40
The Leadership Challenge, May, p. 21
Disaster Proofing Information Systems, June, p. 21
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, 2003 Edition, July, p. 23
Top Ten Performance Measures for Fleet Managers, Aug, p. 14
Knowing Your Costs: Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Fleet Management, Aug, p. 14
Managing Public Equipment, Aug, p. 14
Vehicle Replacement Guide, Aug, p. 15
Spec Writing 101: A Quick Guide to Purchasing Public Works Vehicles and Equipment, Aug, p. 15
Constructing Fleet Charge-Back Rates in Public Works, Aug, p. 15
APWA Equipment Code, Aug, p. 15
Shop Rate Guide, Aug, p. 15
What to Ask, How to Answer, Aug, p. 15
Demonstrating the Value of Your Fleet Management Program, Aug, p. 15
A Public Finance Primer for Public Works Professionals: What You Need to Know But Didn't Know How to Ask, Sept, p. 14
Everything You Need to Know to Be a Public Works Director, Sept, p. 14
Facilitating Your Own Meetings: Essential Skills for Managers and Supervisors, Sept, p. 14
Cities Take Flight: A Centennial History of the American Municipal Airport, Sept, p. 15
Emergency Management: Writing the EOP Annex for Public Works, Sept, p. 15
Snow and Ice Control in Urban Areas, Sept, p. 15
Planning for Milwaukee's Future: The Transportation Policies of Mayor Frank P. Zeidler, Sept, p. 15
Defying Gravity, Defying Fear, Nov, p. 12
The Stoic Art of Living, Nov, p. 12
The Motley Fool's What to Do with Your Money Now: Ten Steps to Staying Up in a Down Market, Nov, p. 13
The Motley Fool's Money After 40: Building Wealth for a Better Life, Nov, p. 13
A Public Finance Primer for Public Works Professionals: What You Need to Know But Didn't Know How to Ask, Dec, p. 13

Ask Ann
Feb, p. 51
March, p. 38
April, p. 50
May, p. 29
June, p. 38
Aug, p. 38
Sept, p. 24
Oct, p. 46
Nov, p. 46
Dec, p. 39

APWA awards Senator Ted Stevens 2003 Honorary Membership Award, Feb, p. 6
APWA honors Senator Harry Reid with 2003 Distinguished Service Award, Feb, p. 7
The 2004 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year, May, p. 22
APWA Public Works Projects of the Year, July, p. 49
APWA honors Senator Kit Bond with Distinguished Service Award, Nov, p. 7
Honoring its own..., Nov, p. 36

Baker's Dozen, The
An effective public works leader...
...maintains balance, Feb, p. 36 accountable, March, p. 36
...empowers others, April, p. 46
...shows respect for others, May, p. 30 a communicator, June, p. 24 public service oriented, July, p. 28 deliberate, Aug, p. 18 technically knowledgeable, Sept, p. 18
...possesses integrity, Oct, p. 18 resilient, Nov, p. 14
...manages resources, Dec, p. 14

Congress 2004
Taking the APWA Congress to the streets, April, p. 28
"Constructing" the Atlanta Congress using only "papers" and people, April, p. 32
The best investment you can make, May, p. 13
The story of an APWA Congress groupie, June, p. 12
Things to do, places to go in Atlanta, July, p. 16
APWA's Congress just got a whole lot funnier, July, p. 20
Congress: A "Top 40" to choose from, July, p. 22
Four options to attend Congress, Sept, p. 26
Don't miss these at Congress!, Sept, p. 27
One-day passes available for Congress, Sept, p. 28
Exhibitor Map, Sept, p. 29
Exhibitor listing by booth number (as of 8/10/04), Sept, p. 31
Converting a closed landfill into a golf course can provide an effective redevelopment alternative, Sept, p. 34
Creating an extraordinary organization, Sept, p. 36
Would you ask a surgeon to do your taxes?, Sept, p. 38
Learning what software variables to evaluate when selecting a pavement management software program, Sept, p. 40
Who's going to pick up the tab and how? Stormwater funding options, Sept, p. 42
Seven steps for developing a better you!, Sept, p. 46
Tips to improve wet-weather monitoring, Sept, p. 50
City of Glendale's pedestrian safety program, Sept, p. 54
Y'all come back next time!, Nov, p. 20
Honoring its own..., Nov, p. 36
Pictures worth a thousand words..., Nov, p. 42

Diversity is good business, Feb, p. 23
Diversity work as emotional intelligence, March, p. 23
Thoughts on today's generational divide, April, p. 36
The many faces of Atlanta, May, p. 16
P.A.V.E. Program paving the way, June, p. 11
The opportunity to see the bigger picture, July, p. 26
Achievements of the Diversity Committee in 2003-2004, Sept, p. 10
Benefits of employee diversity rank high on Congress agenda, Nov, p. 9

Emergency Management
Looking back, April, p. 34
Public Works: Part of the team, April, p. 51
Interoperability: A new challenge for public works, April, p. 52
Situational awareness for public works employees, Sept, p. 80

Engineering and Technology
Pavement management justifies equitable fee for gravel hauling on Town of Plymouth roadways, June, p. 26
Southampton uses customized mobile GIS/GPS solution to streamline field data collection, June, p. 28
Broward County's Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program, June, p. 30
Renewing water distribution systems, June, p. 32
East Bank Trail, June, p. 34
Virtual Plan Room, June, p. 37
GPS/AVL now within reach for public works departments, Sept, p. 70

Facilities and Grounds
Why every government agency should embrace the lean process, April, p. 54
Accessibility and wise spending, April, p. 58
Keep it green, April, p. 60
Bee control, April, p. 62

What a fleet manager should be looking for in a fleet management system, Aug, p. 24
How do you handle a fleet disaster?, Aug, p. 26
How to pat yourself on the back without breaking your arm, Aug, p. 30
The relationship of maintenance to vehicle fires, Aug, p. 34
Cost understanding and awareness: Key steps in having a cost-competitive fleet management program, Aug, p. 35

The Birth of City Planning in the United States, 1840-1917, May, p. 32
Pittsburgh's bridges and the Roebling connection, May, p. 34
Preparing tomorrow's engineers for the real world, May, p. 36
Sidewalk and streetscape improvement project revitalizing historic downtown Hayward, Sept, p. 78
Extending recreational opportunities for kids, Sept, p. 88

Inside APWA
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb, p. 10
Recruit new members by focusing on your outreach, Feb, p. 26
Index to 2003 articles, Feb, p. 32
New APWA staff, Feb, p. 35
APWA Financials for 2003: Healthy and Growing, March, p. 6
APWA joins ASCE in co-sponsoring four Infrastructure Town Hall meetings, April, p. 4
Directory of chapter contacts, April, p. 6
APWA Board of Directors, April, p. 8
Meet the APWA staff, April, p. 9
Celebrating 50 years!, May, p. 8
New APWA staff, May, p. 17
Jim Martin named ASCE Honorary Member, July, p. 7
Candidates for the 2004-2005 APWA Board of Directors named, July, p. 8
New APWA staff, July, p. 15
New APWA staff, August, p. 12
P.W. Paws a hit in Norfolk, Aug, p. 16
New APWA staff, Sept, p. 13
APWA to support Extraordinary Women Engineers Project, Sept, p. 16
It's a Brand New Day for APWA, Oct, p. 8
The spirit of the American Public Works Association is alive and well!, Oct, p. 12
New APWA staff, Nov, p. 11
APWA TEA-21 Reauthorization Task Force Chair briefs congressional staff, Dec, p. 7
APWA announces new initiative to promote efficient environmental management, Dec, p. 8

International Idea Exchange
U.S.-Mexico Public Works Exchange Series, Feb, p. 38
Slovak and Czech Republic Public Works Associations Spring Conferences, Feb, p. 40
Report from Cape Town, March, p. 24
2004 Jennings Randolph Fellowship recipients named, March, p. 26
Disaster management strategy issues in Queensland, Australia, April, p. 41
Beautiful "Bays of Huatulco" site of 2004 Mexican Public Works Conference, April, p. 43
New Zealand Asset Management Study Tour, April, p. 43
South Korea's progress in infrastructure, May, p. 26
It's not too late to sign up for 2004 Mexican Public Works Conference, May, p. 28
"We shall go back only when the earth is at peace," June, p. 16
APWA international delegation visit of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, March 29-April 10, 2004, June, p. 18
APWA delegation attends Mexican Public Works Conference in Huatulco, Mexico, July, p. 30
Environmental management program for landfill operations, July, p. 31
Developing public works in a war-torn Iraq, Aug, p. 20
APWA International Affairs Committee Annual Report, Sept, p. 20
Great Falls endears itself to Naryn by talking some trash, Sept, p. 22
Call for applicants for 2005 Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, Sept, p. 22
Discovering a new paradigm for solid waste recycling by sharing fellowship and knowledge with public works officials in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Oct, p. 20
Integrating water management and public services in Colombia, Nov, p. 17
A land of opportunities: the Czech and Slovak Republics, Dec, p. 18
Call for Papers: Australia 2005, Dec, p. 22

Leadership and Management
The public works leader's balancing act, Sept, p. 74
The Great Escape: How retirement, recruitment, and retention are impacting the field of public works, Dec, p. 26
Mentoring is a full-time job, Dec, p. 30
Knowledge-Based Asset Management: A decade of progress, Dec, p. 32
Succession management planning, Dec, p. 35
Embracing change by managing transitions, Dec, p. 37

Member Profile
A basketful of information: Clarena Tolson, Feb, p. 28
You're somehow bonded together: Venu J. Gupta, March, p. 20
People make do: Paul Goranson, April, p. 38
Caring for the guys in the trenches: Wm. Roger Buell, May, p. 18
A way to learn and grow professionally: MaryAnn Marrocolo, June, p. 14
It's all public works: John W. Griffin, Jr., July, p. 24
The key to success at any level: Kurt A. Corey, Aug, p. 10
"You make us dream in the daytime": Andrew Lemer, Sept, p. 12
Something for everyone: Sue Hann, Oct, p. 15
Keeping up with the challenges: Les Henley, Nov, p. 10
The top of my list: John Nowak, Dec, p. 9

National Public Works Week
What you can do for National Public Works Week, Feb, p. 18
People notice the wrong things, March, p. 18
National Public Works Week in Los Angeles, April, p. 26
City of Portland, Maine delivers 24/7 message during National Public Works Week, May, p. 10
National Public Works Week on the Hill descends on the Capitol City, July, p. 12

North American Snow Conference
Snow professionals heading for Lexington, Feb, p. 12
The Talk Show at the North American Snow Conference, March, p. 10
Confessions of a Snow Addict, April, p. 20
Another terrific Snow Conference, June, p. 6

Charles Byrley, former APWA Washington Office Director, dies, Feb, p. 5
Richard H. Sullivan, former APWA Executive Director, dies, Sept, p. 5

President's Message
It's midnight—do you know where your blueprints are?, Feb, p. 2
Are you weary of the word "diversity"?, March, p. 2
Snow Conference just around the corner, April, p. 2
Pride in public works, May, p. 2
Success comes from within, June, p. 2
Headed in the right direction, July, p. 2
I've enjoyed all of them, Aug, p. 2
Where has the year gone?, Sept, p. 2
Life motivates us all, Oct, p. 4
President Trice addresses 2004 Congress Delegates in Atlanta, Nov, p. 4
It takes leaders to grow leaders, Dec, p. 4

Solid Waste Management
Waste tire management efforts in Missouri, Virginia and California, March, p. 27
Municipal solid waste composting: Has its time arrived?, March, p. 31
The next sustainable revolution in solid waste management: bioreactor landfills, March, p. 32
Clearing the way for recovery at Ground Zero, March, p. 34

Technical Committee News
Banner year for the Water Resources Management Committee, Feb, p. 8
Solid Waste: 100% expectancy level, 100% of the time, March, p. 8
Emergency Management Committee participates in national initiative, April, p. 18
Facilities & Grounds Committee focuses on quality and services, April, p. 19
Technical Committees meet in Kansas City, May, p. 5
Engineering and Technology Committee: A resource for your engineering, technological and educational needs, June, p. 10
Trucks, transit, automobiles: If it has wheels, Transportation is the group, July, p. 10
Fleet Services Committee gears up for Congress, Aug, p. 8
Will the real Utilities and Public Right-of-Way Committee please stand up?, Sept, p. 6
Winter—you gotta love it! The Winter Maintenance Subcommittee does!, Oct, p. 11
Continuous improvement continues, Nov, p. 8
Leaders..., Dec, p. 7

InfraGuide: A Canadian experience, eh!, July, p. 38
Innovative street closure ordinance, July, p. 40
Step one to a healthier community, July, p. 42
LTAP: A primer, July, p. 45
Getting people to police themselves, July, p. 46

Utilities and Public Right-of-Way
Municipalities and damage prevention, Sept, p. 58
Right-of-way fees: Just compensation or just another tax?, Sept, p. 60
Sidewalk effects on right-of-way: How they work together, Sept, p. 64
Sewer service laterals: Whose responsibility is it to mark the location?, Sept, p. 66

Washington Insight
APWA victorious in MTBE liability waiver fight; struggle continues in 2004, Feb, p. 4
One way to keep millions of federal funds, March, p. 4
Navigating our role in homeland security, April, p. 5
United We Ride or: Connecting the transportation dots, May, p. 4
Attention focuses on reconciling House/Senate transportation bills, June, p. 4
Differences abound in transportation reauthorization bills, July, p. 4
Thinking about the unthinkable: Terrorism in the hinterlands, Aug, p. 4
In the federal government we trust?, Sept, p. 8
All response is local: The advisory panel to assess domestic response capabilities for terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, Oct, p. 7
Board adopts advocacy priorities for the year ahead, Nov, p. 6
EPA releases SSO/CSO Report to Congress: APWA members reporting substantial decline in discharges, Dec, p. 6

Water Resources
Consolidation, Feb, p. 42
National Water & Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative, Feb, p. 44
Distribution water quality: the final frontier, Feb, p. 46
Monitoring guidelines: focusing on what's important, Feb, p. 48
Fluvial geomorphology as a tool for civil engineers, Sept, p. 68
Local developer contributes to good water quality, Sept, p. 85

Winter Maintenance
Developing an effective snow and ice control program, Oct, p. 27
Winter maintenance management systems, Oct, p. 30
Satellite facilities: How to meet tomorrow's needs today, Oct, p. 32
Computer-based anti-icing and RWIS training, Oct, p. 36
Safe roads and clean water: A balancing act, Oct, p. 39
Winter maintenance in Vaughan: Improving operations and communication through an AVL system, Oct, p. 41
Decision support weather information for maintenance personnel, Oct, p. 44