APWA awards Senator Ted Stevens 2003 Honorary Membership Award

Citing his long record of commitment to public works, on December 26 APWA awarded President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate Ted Stevens (R-AK) its prestigious Honorary Membership Award. "On behalf of all of our 27,000 members, APWA recognizes Senator Stevens for his long-time commitment to our nation's infrastructure," said APWA Executive Director Peter B. King. "Senator Stevens recognizes the link between jobs, our nation's economic vitality, and how investing in public works is an investment in our children's and grandchildren's quality of life."

Dave Berg (left), APWA Alaska Chapter President, presents the Honorary Membership Award to Senator Ted Stevens

"It is a great honor and privilege today to present this national award to a leader whohas worked so diligently to support, maintain and secure our nation's infrastructure," said APWA Alaska Chapter President David Berg.

APWA and its Alaska Chapter honored the Senator at a luncheon at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel in Anchorage. Berg referred to the Senator's illustrious 34-year career in the Senate fighting for public investment in infrastructure for highways, air transportation, public transit, national marine highways, and ports and harbors. Berg also praised the work of Stevens as Chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. "Chairman Stevens has led efforts to assure that America invests adequately in clean air and water, safe drinking water, and wastewater treatment," Berg said. "And, as we stand here today on 'orange alert' we also thank the Chairman for his commitment to our homeland's defense against terrorism and others who wish us harm.

"While others may have been co-opted by the pressures of Washington, our Senator has remained a true advocate for our State and the people of Alaska," Berg continued. "We appreciate his pivotal role in establishing the Denali Commission, a State-Federal agency that now funds energy projects, leaking fuel tank cleanup, solid waste projects, community planning, economic development, clinics, and facilities for families and children. The Denali Commission has greatly improved the lives of Alaskans."

APWA's Honorary Membership Award is bestowed at the discretion of the APWA Board of Directors, to preeminent national leaders in the field of public works who have promoted and enhanced the purposes of APWA. Honorary Membership is regarded as the highest honor that the association can bestow.