Tom Trice

President Trice addresses 2004 Congress Delegates in Atlanta

Tom Trice
APWA President

Editor's Note: President Trice gave the following address during the Opening General Session on September 12, 2004.

Through our long and time-honored tradition, Congress Week allows us the opportunity to reflect on our past achievements and embrace the future. It is a time we come together to interact with our peers, discuss the latest trends, to see what new technical products are available, and to take a peek at what the future has in store.

Congress is also a time to look back and reflect on how well we, as an organization, handled the challenges of the preceding months. As a member of the APWA Board of Directors, I can say that I am proud of our recent accomplishments. This hard-working group of professionals should also be proud of their achievements.

Under the leadership of Dwayne Kalynchuk, along with an outstanding executive director and committed staff, APWA has recognized a number of significant achievements in 2004. With strong programs in place, it is now time to concentrate on the 2005 priorities.

All of the programs of the association are important to some part of the membership. As we move forward, we will stay focused on our mission of education, advocacy and branding. Our Click, Listen and Learn programs serve a significant number of our members and will continue to be an area of focus. The Government Affairs Committee has done a wonderful job of increasing the presence and visibility of APWA on Capitol Hill and assisting chapters to do the same at the state level. Our members in Canada have placed renewed emphasis on advocacy in Ottawa, and we will continue this important area of service. We will press on with our branding initiative as well by emphasizing APWA as the "go to" group for all public works information and needs.

We will continue to concentrate our efforts on what you, our members, want from your professional association. Our chapters and branches serve the grassroots portion of the organization well. We will continue to support them from APWA National so the entire association grows stronger and stronger. Programs like infoNOW are very popular in the profession and show a tremendous benefit to the individual members.

And our Technical Committees, the best-kept secret of the association, serve the membership by tackling the issues specific to their expertise, such as water, streets and roads, and emergency management. These dedicated professionals continue to bring great benefits to the whole of the organization by providing you with solutions.

I believe it is important that we "stay close to our members" and we will continue to do so in a variety of ways. We have and will continue to send you surveys to collect valuable information and keep "our finger on the pulse of the membership."

President Trice addresses the Opening General Session crowd at the 2004 Congress.

As president, I feel very strongly about the core of our association—our members. We will stay focused on you, our members, and deliver the services that you want and need. We will continue to spread the word that APWA is the premier organization in the public works field, and then we will back it up with top quality in all that we do. This focus will not only keep our members involved, but it will increase APWA's national recognition and authority. You know there is tremendous value to belonging to APWA. By sending this strong message to every man and woman involved in public works we will encourage them to join with us in membership to secure the future of the public works profession.

The future of our organization is bright. We have a strong Strategic Plan that we take seriously. It does not sit on a shelf; it guides our activities. Like all dynamic plans, it needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. We will be examining the plan in the coming months, and I encourage you to make your views known.

You have a Board of Directors that works together on issues that benefit the membership and the association as a whole. You have a strong professional staff that is focused on the betterment of the association and its members. We have a growing membership with chapters and branches that are active and work hard to educate public works officials throughout North America on the issues that face all of us in the public works profession.

Together our voice is strong. I'm sure you join me when I say I am proud to be a public works professional!