APWA honors Senator Kit Bond with Distinguished Service Award

Megan Zadecky
Communications Manager
APWA Washington Office

APWA presented its 2004 Distinguished Service Award to U.S. Senator Christopher S. "Kit" Bond (R-MO) on October 6 in Washington, D.C. The Kansas City Metro and Missouri Chapters nominated the Senator to honor him for his outstanding leadership and continued support for the advancement of national public works infrastructure and the preservation of natural resources.

Representing APWA and the Kansas City Metro and Missouri Chapters in presenting the award were APWA President-Elect Bob Freudenthal, Deputy General Manager, Hendersonville Utility District, Hendersonville, Tennesee; APWA Executive Director Peter King; Larry Frevert, P.E., Assistant Director - Engineering, Planning and Design, Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, and APWA Director-at-Large, Fleet & Facilities Management; Lowell Patterson, Director of Public Works, City of Columbia, Missouri, and Chair, APWA Accreditation Council; and Ed Mulcahy, P.E., Principal, TranSystems Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri.

From left to right: Peter King, Larry Frevert, Senator Kit Bond, Bob Freudenthal, Ed Mulcahy, and Lowell Patterson

"It is a privilege to present Senator Bond with APWA's Distinguished Service Award," Freudenthal said. "Throughout his career in the Senate, Senator Bond has made a positive impact on public works in Missouri and throughout our nation."

Senator Bond has been a champion for meeting the needs of the nation's aging public infrastructure. His leadership and support for transportation has become ever more important as the nation experiences increased population growth and the need for greater mobility. In addition, Senator Bond has continually supported additional investment in drinking water and wastewater infrastructure to assist communities with their needs to repair and modernize their aging systems.

"As stewards of the public infrastructure, we in the public works community rely on leaders like Senator Bond who make it possible for us to better serve our communities with reliable services, a safer and more efficient transportation system and clean and safe water," Frevert said.

"Senator Bond has been a leader in protecting and preserving Missouri's natural resources," Patterson said. "His unwavering commitment to protecting the Missouri River has created a treasure that we can all benefit from and enjoy."

Established in 1972, APWA's Distinguished Service Award recognizes a prominent government or other national leader for his or her far-reaching, positive impact on public works programs, services, or policies through distinguished public services and commitment. The award particularly recognizes national leadership in furthering the mission and goals of APWA.

"Our local chapters nominated Senator Bond for this national award, and we appreciate his leadership and dedication and for his understanding of the importance that well-maintained, adequately-funded infrastructure has for our economy and for our quality of life," Mulcahy said.

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