APWA Book Review

APWA is pleased to bring APWA members six brand new publications! These publications provide the latest on emergency management; constructing a public works yard; making beneficial reuse of abandoned landfills; and financing storm water management. In addition, two historical publications focus on the technology behind the Anasazi's success in Colorado and the accomplishments of Retired Rear Admiral Robert C. Esterbrooks.

Be sure to look into them—we're sure you'll find something that will make your job easier, and be an excellent addition to your library!

Emergency Management Field Manual for Public Works  — 139 pp * 2003 * APWA * ISBN 0-917084-97-7
Whether the emergency is natural or man-made, your agency's response must be rapid and sure. APWA's new Field Manual is designed to help your response team plan for, work through and recover from disaster. The book is a reference source for experienced managers and a training tool for all levels of personnel. Coil-bound, tabbed, and conveniently sized, this Field Manual belongs on every desk and in every glove box in your agency.

Getting It Right! A Guide to Planning and Constructing Public Works Yards  — 2003 * ISBN 0-917084-98-5 * Christine Taylor-Butler
Public works yards serve as assembly locations for work crews, safe storage areas for city vehicles and equipment, and as dispatch and administration nodes within the city's organization. With all of those functions at stake, you want to "get it right" when you plan and construct your agency's new facilities. This book will help through case studies and discussions of the issues you need to consider.

Beneficial Landfill Reuse  — 95 pp * 2003 * APWA * ISBN 0-917084-99-3
When operating, landfills are community resources, but when closed, they often become liabilities. With the number of closed landfills on the rise, many communities are seeking creative solutions to the ultimate recycling challenge—how to make beneficial reuse of abandoned landfills. In this book, several solid waste professionals share their wisdom and experience as they examine the possibilities and potential pitfalls surrounding landfill reuse. Case studies included.

Financing Stormwater Facilities: A Utilities Approach  — 32 pp * 2003 * APWA * John F. Damico and Lamont W. Curtis
Is your agency feeling the financial pinch of compliance with NPDES regulations? Are you looking for a dependable and equitable approach to financing your stormwater management? Find out why and how an estimated 500 communities and regional governments have turned to the utility approach. This book discusses the rationale behind the approach as well as planning utilities, legal considerations, and details for establishing rate structures and estimating user charges.

Water for the Anasazi: How the Ancients of Mesa Verde Engineered Public Works  — 88 pp * 2003 * APWA * Kenneth R. Wright, P.E.
Navajos called them "the ancient ones," the Anasazi. Monuments to their genius remain in Colorado's cliffside apartment houses, terraced fields and ruins of a sprawling, medieval road system. But there are mysteries as well. Among them is how they were able to get enough water to sustain a civilization on a riverless mesa with infrequent rainfall. This full-color essay by Kenneth R. Wright, a civil engineer, probes the technology behind the Anasazi's success.

An Interview with Robert C. Esterbrooks  — 132 pp * 2003 * 2003 * Reba Wells Grandrud, Ph.D.
This interview tells the story of one of the pillars of APWA and the public works profession. A civil engineer by profession, a military man by choice and a proven administrative leader in several national organizations, Retired Rear Admiral Robert C. Esterbrooks has been and continues to be an inspiration to his colleagues, to his family and friends, and to the young people he mentors. He is a role model we can admire—a man of integrity and high standards, successful in his chosen careers, modest about his accomplishments, fun to be around.

Be sure to have the latest publications on hand. Each one is a must-have publication—you won't be able to purchase only one!

The 2004 APWA Publications and Resources catalog is also available with more than 350 titles to choose from. To receive a copy or for more information on purchasing these and any other American Public Works Association books, please visit the APWA Bookstore online at www.apwa.net/bookstore or call the Member Services Hotline at 1-800-848-APWA, ext. 3560.