Fifty reasons to attend Congress

There are at least 50 reasons to attend APWA's 2003 International Public Works Congress and Exposition in San Diego. Can you think of them all?

You come to Congress to:

  1. Network with peers.
  2. Hear experts from every area of public works.
  3. Take the time to share your expertise with others.
  4. See the largest display of public works equipment, products, and services assembled in North America.
  5. Get a close-up look at state-of-the-art equipment.
  6. Learn about the latest technological improvements in equipment.
  7. Save time and money by being able to comparison shop in one place.
  8. Get to know equipment and services reps on neutral ground.
  9. Build relationships with vendors that will benefit your agency.
  10. Find ways to stretch your limited resources through new ideas and innovations.
  11. Be part of a group that really knows what infrastructure is all about.
  12. Meet consultants and private sector representatives from every facet of public works.
  13. Find quick, concise, relevant information on a variety of topics.
  14. Think of Congress as the department store for public works professionals.
  15. Join with other advocates for public works issues.
  16. Select the best of ideas and innovations to take home.
  17. Learn about important technical information.
  18. Take the opportunity to see what everyone else is doing.
  19. Pick up ideas on how to solve problems.
  20. Learn things that will keep you from going off in the wrong direction.
  21. Learn that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  22. Participate in professional development seminars.
  23. Get a broad view of the issues surrounding the several projects you have on the burner.
  24. Make your mayor and city council happy by demonstrating new ways to save money.
  25. Collect equipment specifications for later use.
  26. Take part in hands-on demonstrations.
  27. Pick and choose from a variety of practical tips.
  28. Drop in on roundtable discussions on topics you've not had time to explore before.
  29. Get answers you've always wanted, but didn't know who to ask.
  30. Talk shop with people who really understand your problems.
  31. Raise concerns in an environment where cost is not the primary issue.
  32. Learn how to better anticipate issues.
  33. Meet proven problem solvers in public works.
  34. Network with international public works professionals.
  35. Meet your customers and your competitors.
  36. Build professional bridges for the future.
  37. Socialize in informal settings.
  38. Do something good for yourself.
  39. View some of the latest research and publications available from APWA.
  40. Participate in several interactive workshops.
  41. Get the word on current legislative issues.
  42. Discuss current regulatory trends.
  43. Learn the history of public works.
  44. Get a perspective on the latest happenings in Washington.
  45. Learn that you are not alone or unique in your problems.
  46. Compare/contrast problems and solutions.
  47. Take home valuable informational/supplemental handouts from first-rate presentations.
  48. Take part in the fun and valuable Daily Prize Drawings.
  49. Take advantage of useful educational programs and technical sessions.
  50. See equipment and services not available at smaller shows.
Even if you aren't going to make it to San Diego this year, it's not too early to begin planning for next year's Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, September 12-15, 2004.