Do your friends a favor

Martin J. Manning, P.E.
APWA President

One of the easiest and most pleasant tasks that we in the public works field can enjoy is that of bringing in new members to APWA. And one of the best places to get those new members is either at our national conferences or at our chapter meetings. To these occasions, members come who have an active and sincere interest in their profession; they enjoy the meetings and gain by their attendance. No one wants to parasitically ride along on the backs of others. Public works professionals will join our association at these times, and they will become the type of members that help make it a greater, more progressive group than it already is.

At these meetings, or at any time when public works professionals gather to discuss their problems, do your friends a favor by offering them the advantages that membership in the American Public Works Association can provide. Ours is a vital, growing group, made so by the men and women who are in it, and made increasingly so by the men and women who will be in it through your invitations.

Ours is an association of practical people who learn sound, dollar-saving methods when we gather. Every municipality gains greatly when one of its public works employees becomes an active member in APWA.

Congress just around the corner
The 2003 APWA International Public Works Congress and Exposition in San Diego, August 24-27, is now less than sixty days away. I urge you to attend and participate in this outstanding event for public works professionals. By doing so you will be helping yourself keep abreast of the latest developments in our vital public works field. In addition, your employer will benefit since its ability to respond to the needs of its constituency depends upon the knowledge and professional competence of its employees.

This year's outstanding educational program guarantees a rewarding experience. But don't just show up—do your homework first. Compile questions for which you need answers. Also, list those of your colleagues who will be unable to attend Congress. You can make your trip pay off many times over by solving those nagging problems.

This year more than 500 exhibitors will be featured on the exhibit floor, representing a multi-million dollar investment for your specific benefit. Attending this outstanding exhibition is a must for every public works professional who is responsible for acquiring and efficiently utilizing equipment, materials, supplies and services. It provides an unexcelled opportunity to view a huge variety of products under extremely favorable circumstances. It permits detailed comparisons of the multifarious features of these various units—plus the opportunity to discuss the merits of each with the manufacturers' most informed representatives. You can then consult with public works professionals who are using these products and get firsthand information which simply cannot be obtained as conveniently and as inexpensively in any other way.

Of course, the social aspect and opportunities to network at Congress won't be ignored. The Get Acquainted Party on Sunday, chapter dinners on Tuesday evening, and the Annual Banquet during the final evening of Congress all provide a great way to relax when the sun goes down.

All in all, APWA's Best Show in Public Works this August promises to be one of the most exciting and informative ever. The host committee and the City of San Diego are going all out to make your stay one of the most pleasant experiences you will ever enjoy. Why not combine business with pleasure and incorporate this trip into your vacation plans?

Plan now to attend Congress this August. No public works professional should miss this opportunity.