Water resources—use ’em while you got ’em

Ann Daniels
Director of Technical Services
APWA Kansas City Office

CSO, SSO, CMOM, desalinization, drought, NPDES Phase II. Almost sounds like a foreign language. These are only a small portion of the many issues facing the members of the Water Resources Management Committee on a daily basis. Their expertise helps APWA shape the training, education, and legislative direction needed to serve our members.

Articles in this issue of the Reporter are centered on some of the most pressing issues facing our agencies and communities. If you have plenty of water now, how will you protect it for the future? If water is a scarce commodity or you are dependent upon a source which you don’t control, how can you guarantee your residents will have an adequate and safe supply to ensure the quality of life is protected? As communities grow, will reuse of treated water be the solution for additional capacity?

In the past year, committee members have developed policy and position statements on a variety of water-related issues, including The National Drought Policy, Total Maximum Daily Loads, and Municipal Stormwater Management Program. Committee members prepared the draft statements, reviewed them thoroughly, and sent them forward to the Government Affairs Committee for their review and recommendation, ultimately, to the APWA Board of Directors.

Throughout the year, members have assisted the APWA Education Department in planning for NPDES Phase II Stormwater workshops held in each EPA region and are currently preparing for a Click, Listen, Learn session on water quality, quantity, reuse, and vulnerability issues.

Plans call for completion of a thorough review of each of the policy/position statements focused on water or wastewater issues to ensure information is correct and accurately reflects how APWA members see the national policy of this topic.

A total revision of Financing Stormwater Utilities, a primer designed to assist communities in developing stormwater utilities to support the increased costs of operation and maintenance necessary to meet federal requirements, is ready to go to print. Committee member Bud Curtis, working with other volunteers, has completed this revision.

Bob Carr, WI, is the Chair of the committee and is assisted by Bud Curtis, VA, Bill Reichmuth, CA, Steve Masters, NE, Lloyd Davis, OK, and Bruce Florquist, WY. Christine Andersen, At-Large Director, serves as the board liaison to the committee and Ann Daniels is the staff liaison.

If you’ve ever wondered what is involved in serving on a national technical committee, this should help you understand the depth of involvement and variety of issues each committee faces. Without these dedicated volunteers, APWA would be sorely limited in our ability to meet the needs of our members. Thanks to all who serve in any capacity, but this month’s vote of thanks goes specifically to the Water Resources Management Committee. Well done.

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