News from the Facilities and Grounds Committee

Karen D. Bloodworth
Technical Services Program Manager
APWA Kansas City office

One of the great benefits of APWA membership is the tremendous networking mechanism and the rewarding opportunities to assist one another. The APWA Facilities and Grounds Committee is committed to providing tools for members in the public sector with responsibilities for facilities, grounds, and parks management to receive information, and to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with their industry colleagues.

Your Facilities and Grounds Committee has been hard at work on their current business plan. Some of the key issues that the committee is focusing on in 2003-04 include those all-important networking opportunities.

Provide APWA members with a forum to network, exchange ideas, information, and the necessary technology to manage facilities and grounds at the highest levels.

  • Expand awareness of APWA Congress networking opportunities, including committee meetings, open forums, and roundtable discussions.
  • Explore alternatives for networking and information exchange beyond Congress activities. Encourage members to become involved in the InfoNOW Communities.
  • Develop and encourage communication between chapters and the national committee. Provide chapter program speakers in facilities and grounds management.
  • Encourage members to become actively involved in achieving the goals and objectives of the Facilities and Grounds Committee at local, regional and national levels.
Advance member knowledge and the ability to effectively and efficiently manage the operation of America's public sector facilities and grounds.
  • Support the development of educational programs, particularly Congress activities that address the professional and technical needs of facility and grounds professionals.
  • Expand member information-sharing activities through publications, periodicals, and the Internet.
  • Foster and encourage diversity and ethical practices in the management of facilities and grounds.
Influence public policy that will strengthen consideration for sound environmental practices, technology applications, economic impacts, and proper stewardship of facilities and grounds.
  • Support the Government Affairs Committee in the development of policy statements and position papers that address regulatory activities.
  • Become proactive on emerging issues of interest to the public sector facility and grounds industry.
APWA will be recognized as the brand name for credible information on public works.
  • Enhance APWA's partnerships and involvement with other organizations and governmental agencies, and utilize as a resource for APWA members.
  • Support recognition for facility and grounds professionals and the industry.

Business plans for all of the APWA Technical Committees can be found at Choose "About APWA" and then Technical Committees.

The committee has recently explored the Professional Grounds Management Society's (PGMS) Certified Grounds Manager program through committee representative Hildo Hernandez. The committee solicited member input through an electronic survey that utilized a random sampling of APWA building and grounds members. Eighty percent of respondents indicated that the PGMS certification would be a value-added member benefit that they would like to see. The committee is currently in discussions with PGMS and will present a recommendation to the Board of Directors soon. Watch the APWA web page and InfoNOW for the latest information.

The Facilities and Grounds Committee encourages members and APWA partners to participate in the many APWA educational, professional development, publication and advocacy programs available. We welcome your involvement and encourage you to contact APWA if you have an area of interest or expertise that you are willing to share. Take a look at the list of projects planned for this year listed above; if you are interested in serving on any of these, if you have thoughts on articles of interest for the Reporter, educational sessions for the APWA Congress, or if you have other ideas or suggestions, please contact APWA or one of your committee members.

Thank you for what you do for your communities and we hope you will take advantage of the benefits of your membership in APWA!

Karen Bloodworth can be reached at (800) 848-APWA or at 

Members of the Facilities and Grounds Committee at the San Diego Congress. From left: Clarence Wright, Manager, Department of Recreation, Forestry & Grounds, City of Detroit, MI; Karen Bloodworth, APWA Staff Liaison; Larry Frevert, Board Liaison, Acting Director of Public Works, City of Kansas City, MO; Dwight Riggle, CFM, Chair, Director of Facilities Management Department, Louisville & Jefferson County Metro, KY; Michele Ohmes, ADA/Disability Specialist, City of Kansas City, MO (and Maddie, her service/assistance dog); Hildo Hernandez, Retired Director of Physical Plant Mgmt, California State University at Northridge; Gene Moore, General Manager, City of Sacramento, CA; Venu Gupta, Director of Buildings & Fleet, City of Milwaukee, WI; Guest Don Bottger, Asst. Facility Manager, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA