APWA Book Review

Top Ten Performance Measures for Fleet Managers
44 pp * 2002 * APWA

It is often argued that meaningful performance measures are not so obvious for public sector organizations. While this is undeniably true, this fact also provides one of the best incentives for public sector organizations to develop a performance measurement program. Without such a program, it is impossible for such organizations to prove the value of their services to their customers—the residents of the communities they serve.

Top Ten Performance Measures for Fleet Managers does not provide a discussion of the theory of performance measurement or a "how to" guide for setting up a performance management program in public works organizations. Rather, this publication provides fleet managers practical examples of performance measures and target levels of performance that are used by many public works fleet management organizations across the country.

Consequently, this publication assumes that the reader has already studied the dos and don'ts of performance measurement and can benefit more from sample public works fleet management performance measures. Furthermore, the measures presented in this publication represent only ten of many dozens of performance measures in use in public works fleet management organizations. Thus, fleet managers need to carefully select the key performance measures that make most sense for their organization's unique characteristics, environment, and situation.

Divided into ten chapters, this publication covers:

  • Chapter 1: Developing Fleet Charge-Back Rates
  • Chapter 2: Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Chapter 3: Measuring Fleet Availability and Downtime
  • Chapter 4: Technician Productivity Measurement
  • Chapter 5: Cost Per Mile (CPM)
  • Chapter 6: Number of Repair Hours by Repair Type and Cost by Equipment in Class
  • Chapter 7: Scheduled Repair Rate
  • Chapter 8: Annual Parts Inventory Turns
  • Chapter 9: Parts Demand Fill Rate
  • Chapter 10: Customer Satisfaction

In the final analysis, it is more important that an organization adopt a formal performance measurement program than which performance measures are included in the program. Fleet managers need to recognize the important role that performance measurement can play in identifying activities that are not working well, bringing focus to improvement efforts, and demonstrating program value. Performance measurement is a powerful management technique that should be as familiar to fleet managers as oil analysis, warranty programs, preventive maintenance schedules, and fleet replacement.

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  • Shop Rate Guide
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