APWA Book Review

Project Management in Construction (4th Ed.)
427 pp * 2002 * McGraw Hill Professional Publishing * ISBN 0071395873 * Sidney Levy

Project management is one of the most crucial elements of the entire construction process. Without effective project management, the best conceived projects risk failure; but when professional project management skills are applied, even marginal or faltering projects may be saved from disaster.

Just as a ship cannot navigate perilous waters without a strong hand at the helm, so is a central figure necessary to guide the construction project through the risky times that often lie ahead. This central figure, the project manager, needs to have knowledge sufficient to enable him or her to deal with the entire construction process from contract inception to project completion.

Project Management in Construction, now in its fourth edition, has been revised and updated as a practical guide for contractors, covering all aspects of managing a construction project. It identifies, defines, addresses, explains, and illuminates many of those non-engineering skills so essential to the pursuit of a successful career in the building business.

Tackling actual on-the-job situations, this publication goes through: estimating, including conceptual and order-of-magnitude estimates, and electronic data processing techniques; arbitration and mediation roles for claims and contract dispute resolution; safety on the jobsite, including setting up an effective safety program and the latest OSHA safety and health standards; and new trends such as partnering, design-build, and e-construction.

Project Management in Construction helps you with every aspect of the job, from writing initial contracts to complying with OSHA regulations. Offering an A-to-Z plan for the contractor or project manager, veteran construction manager Sidney M. Levy shows you how to:

  • Ensure that contracts represent your company's real commitments
  • Estimate and buy out the job to lock in good profits
  • Monitor and control ongoing costs
  • Get and stay on top of schedules
  • Deliver the quality that generates repeat business
  • Develop a cost-effective safety program
  • Bulletproof your legal position with solid documentation
  • Defend against unwarranted claims and pursue justifiable ones

This fourth edition gives you the benefit of the authors 40-plus years' experience in managing construction projects. Divided into fifteen chapters, this publication covers:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Construction Industry
  • Chapter 2: The Start of the Construction Process
  • Chapter 3: General Conditions of the Construction Contract
  • Chapter 4: Estimating
  • Chapter 5: Project Organization
  • Chapter 6: Buying Out the Job
  • Chapter 7: Project Cost Control Procedures
  • Chapter 8: Change Orders and Liquidated Damages Clauses
  • Chapter 9: Project Documentation
  • Chapter 10: Claims, Disputes, Arbitration, and Mediation
  • Chapter 11: Rehabilitation and Renovation of Older Buildings
  • Chapter 12: Design-Build
  • Chapter 13: Safety in Construction
  • Chapter 14: Effective Writing
  • Chapter 15: E-Construction - Construction and the Electronic Advantage
  • Appendix A: Benchmarking Financial Data for General Contractors
  • Appendix B: Industry Associations and Trade Groups

Brimming with bonus tips on effective project management in the rehabilitation of older buildings, lucrative design-build scenarios, and a myriad of dollar-saving details, here is a reference to build and bank on!

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