Utilities and Public Right-of-Way Committee News

Dave Draz
Technical Services Program Manager
APWA Kansas City Office

The UPROW Committee has been working hard on several important projects to assist public works agencies in developing standards, practices and regulations that serve as the basis for professional management of public assets. The committee maintains an aggressive work plan and utilizes three subcommittees to focus their work plan and complete projects.

The current members of the UPROW Committee are:

  • John L. German, P.E., PBS&J (Board Liaison)
  • Tom Wendorf, City of San Antonio (Outgoing Chair)
  • Mark Macy, City of Nashville (Incoming Chair)
  • Ron Polvi, Northwest Natural Gas Co.
  • Eloy Rosales, City of San Antonio
  • Lorne A. Ross, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Roger Buell, City of Charlotte (Subcommittee Chair)
  • John M. Cunningham, City of Philadelphia (Subcommittee Chair)
  • Steve Goodman, Arizona Public Service Co. (Subcommittee Chair)
The committee has planned three excellent topics that will be covered during the educational sessions at Congress in Kansas City. These sessions are reflective of the research projects and topics that the committee has worked on this year.
  • "Cutting Edge Strategic Partnerships for Planning and Coordinating Utilities in the Public Right-of-Way"

  • "Managing Utility/Telecommunication Firms: The fallout from bankruptcy and non-compliance"

  • "Pavement Degradation: a review and analysis of how communities are dealing with establishing their standards, practices and fees related to pavement degradation resulting from excavation in the right-of-way"
In addition, the UPROW Committee is planning on holding a media event during Congress to bring more attention and awareness to the substantial issues involved in managing the public right-of-way. A "Common Ground Summit III" is also planned for early 2003 to bring together public right-of-way managers and the telecommunications industry for a conference focusing on the unique challenges of facilitating deployment while managing a growing and complex underground infrastructure.

For more information about the Utilities and Public Right-of-Way Committee and their current work you can visit their website at, or feel free to contact the committee staff liaison, Dave Draz, at (816) 472-6100 ext. 3527 or at