Fleet Services Committee developing "Top 10 Fleet Performance Measures"

Karen D. Bloodworth
Technical Services Program Manager
APWA Kansas City Office

Fleet managers are inevitably called on at some point to prove that they are providing a level and cost of services that are at least comparable to peer organizations—if not with those that are recognized as industry leaders. The Fleet Services Committee of APWA recognized that many fleet managers could use assistance in preparing to respond to this question. As a result, the Committee decided to form a Task Force of volunteers including experienced fleet managers, consultants, and other fleet management professionals to develop the "Top 10 Fleet Performance Measures."

Implementation of a system of meaningful key performance measures is one of the most important management initiatives that a fleet services organization can pursue. By keeping score, as it were, a system of performance measures enables a fleet manager to know where his organization stands in relation to established goals, standards, and commitments to customers. In short, a properly designed performance measurement system can help fleet managers objectively demonstrate that their program is providing value-added services that further the greater interests of the agency the program serves. Performance measurement also allows an organization to:

  • Reduce reliance on subjective judgment and speculation;
  • Track performance against standards and benchmarks;
  • Home-in on areas of the organization that require improvement; and
  • Track trends over time.
The aim of the Performance Measures Task Force was to outline ten performance measures that are commonly used by public sector fleet management organizations. By providing practical examples of performance measures which are used by many leading fleet management organizations in the country, the Task Force hopes to help fleet managers refine existing performance measurement systems and stimulate interest among organizations that have not yet developed such a system. The ten measures selected by the Task Force are:
  1. Equipment availability
  2. Customer service
  3. Cost per mile
  4. Parts fill rate
  5. Parts inventory management
  6. Technician productivity and efficiency
  7. Preventive maintenance
  8. Charge-back rates
  9. Scheduled repair rate
  10. Number of repair hours
Members of the Task Force included Gary Bishop of CCG Systems, Bill DeRousse of the City of Everett, Robert LaRoche of the City of Glendale, Randy Owen of Mercury Associates Fleet Management Consulting, Judy Workman of the City of Greeley, and Jim Wright of Fleet Counselor Services. The "Top 10 Fleet Performance Measures" will be available for purchase in the APWA Bookstore at this year's APWA International Public Works Congress & Exposition, September 22-25, in Kansas City. The publication will also be available through APWA's website at For more information please contact Connie Hartline or Karen Bloodworth at (816) 472-6100.