FHWA/APWA Partnership Signing

On May 8, 2002, APWA President Richard Ridings and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Administrator Mary Peters signed an updated joint partnership agreement between the two groups.

The partnership between FHWA and APWA is a strong and long-standing agreement and is often viewed as a model for other partnership agreements.

As with all partnership agreements, the basis is a mutually-shared benefit for both parties. FHWA supports the partnership by providing two participants who are active in the conference calls and meetings of the Transportation Committee. Both Joe Toole, Director of Professional Development, and Joe Conway, Affiliate Programs Team leader, bring the latest in programming information, new technology, and opportunities for cooperation between the agencies that will help APWA meet the needs of our members.

To meet the goals and objectives of the partnership, FHWA and APWA will:

  • Cooperate in efforts to understand needs of local public works officials and how to best prepare for the future

  • Cooperate to educate the American traveling public in the significance of infrastructure investment, the need to maintain this important national resource and its role in sustaining our quality of life

  • Provide mutual assistance in areas of education and training to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the technologies available to meet present and future transportation needs

  • Serve the needs of our mutual customers by giving them programs and practices that employ public resources in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally sustainable manner

  • Build on our years of cooperative efforts including extensive FHWA participation in APWA committees, meetings, and conferences.
Members of the APWA Transportation Committee who participated in the Signing Ceremony are as follows: Robert DeShurley; Richard Ridings, APWA President; David Zelenok; Mary Peters, FHWA Administrator; Mary Meloy, Chairman; Doug Drever; Shelby LaSalle; and Marshall Elizer, At-Large Director for Transportation. Peter King, APWA Executive Director; Jim Fahey, Director of Government Relations; Andrea Fisher, Manager of Government Relations; and Ann Daniels, Professional Development Manager for Transportation, also participated in the ceremony and the training meeting scheduled throughout the day.