Candidates for the 2002-2003 APWA Board of Directors named

Six nominees are slated for election to the 2002-2003 APWA Board of Directors. Three candidates selected by the National Nominating Committee include: Dwayne Kalynchuk, P.Eng., General Manager of Planning & Engineering Services, City of St. Albert, Alberta, for President-Elect; Marshall Elizer, Jr., P.E., Manager of Transportation Services, Gresham Smith & Partners, Nashville, Tennessee, for Director-At-Large, Transportation; and Larry Frevert, P.E., Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Kansas City, Missouri, for Director-At-Large, Fleet & Facilities.

Three candidates nominated by regional committees as directors include: A. Thomas DeMaio, Commissioner of Public Works, Town of Brookline, Massachusetts, for Director, Region I; Bob Freudenthal, Public Works Director, City of Paducah, Kentucky, for Director, Region III; and William Verkest, P.E., Director of Engineering Services, City of Arlington, Texas, for Director, Region VII.

This year's national nominating committee was comprised of the chair, Judith M. Mueller, Public Works Director, City of Charlottesville, Virginia; Jerry M. Fay, P.E., National Program Director for Public Works, HDR Engineering, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona; Mio Johnson, Assistant to Chief Engineer, Municipal Light & Power, Anchorage, Alaska; Jimmy B. Foster, P.E., Public Works Director, City of Plano, Texas; and William A. Ramsey, Municipal Services Director, City of Olathe, Kansas. The three regional nominating committees were comprised of the APWA House of Delegates member from each chapter in the regions.

Dwayne Kalynchuk, P.Eng., President-Elect
Dwayne Kalynchuk is a past president of the Alberta Chapter and has been an active supporter of the association for the last 18 years. He is the chair of APWA's Finance Committee and as such serves as the association's treasurer, a past vice president of the Canadian Public Works Association, and was the 1995 recipient of the Eisenhower/Jennings Randolph International Public Works Fellowship from the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute in Washington, D.C. Kalynchuk recently represented the Board of Directors at the General Assembly of the Slovakia Public Works Association. He has over 24 years of public works service to his credit, and is completing his fifth year as Director, Region IX.

Marshall Elizer, Jr., P.E., PTOE, Director-At-Large, Transportation
Marshall Elizer has more than 27 years of public works experience. A member of APWA since 1986, Elizer is a 1995 APWA Top Ten winner and has been an active member at the chapter and national levels and served on many committees, including the Transportation Technical Committee and Public Works Projects of the Year selection committee. He also has served on the ISTEA Reauthorization and TEA-21 Reauthorization Committees and the APWA/FHWA Partnership task force. He is completing his first term as Director-At-Large, Transportation, and has served consecutive years on the Board's Finance Committee.

Larry Frevert, P.E., Director-At-Large, Fleet & Facilities
The Fleet & Facilities Director-At-Large nominee, Larry Frevert, has worked in the public works field for 33 years, most of which have involved state and city government. As Deputy Director of Public Works for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, he currently has senior management responsibility for 150 city government buildings and 1,200 pieces of fleet equipment. Frevert is currently serving as past president of the Kansas City Metro Chapter as well as alternate delegate. He is also the vice general chairman of the 2002 Congress host committee, chair of APWA's Engineering and Technology Technical Committee, and the membership-at-large member of the Finance Committee.

A. Thomas DeMaio, Director, Region I
The nominee for Director of Region I, A. Thomas DeMaio, is a 1999 Top Ten winner. He has also been recognized by his local Chamber of Commerce who named him 1997 "Man of the Year." DeMaio has been a member of APWA since 1979. His service to APWA includes positions of chapter delegate, vice-president and president of the New England Chapter, and operations chair for the 1992 APWA Congress held in Boston. He is completing his first term as Director of Region I.

Bob Freudenthal, Director, Region III
As the Director of Public Works for the City of Paducah, Kentucky, Bob Freudenthal is responsible for more than 100 full-time employees in five divisions. He was Director of Public Works for the City of Hendersonville, Tennessee, for 18 years. He has been a past president, vice-president, secretary, and delegate for the Tennessee Chapter. Freudenthal is currently on APWA's Finance Committee, has been a past chair of the National Membership Committee, and has been on the Congress Program Committee. He is completing his first term as Director of Region III.

William Verkest, P.E., Director, Region VII
William Verkest is the nominee for Director of Region VII. A member of APWA for 34 years, Verkest has a multifaceted combination of service in the broad public works field, including civil engineering and management in the U.S. Air Force, public works agencies, and the private sector. His Texas Chapter activities include being a chapter delegate and president of the North Central Texas Branch. Nationally, he has served on the Urban Forum, the Institute for Municipal Engineering, APWA/Corps of Engineers Partnership task force, and the management committee for the 1995 Dallas International Public Works Congress and Exposition. He is completing his first term as Director of Region VII.

Did You Know...that Dwayne Kalynchuk has presented technical papers at International Conferences in both China and Singapore; Marshall Elizer is an instructor for the University of Tennessee Transportation Center and Technology Transfer Program; Larry Frevert initiated the effort to begin the APWA Winter Maintenance Subcommittee, and chaired the subcommittee for four years; Tom DeMaio received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Environmental Protection from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs; Bob Freudenthal was responsible for planning and coordinating the Tennessee Chapter's Annual Conference in Nashville in 1995; and the Texas Chapter recognized Bill Verkest as a Top Three Public Works Leader of the Year in 1997.