Solid Waste Management Committee

The Solid Waste Management Committee develops and promotes environmentally sound, cost effective, and efficient waste management policies, practices and programs for APWA. The committee is organized around four major functional areas: Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling; Collection and Transportation; Solid Waste Disposal; and Management and Financial Issues. The Solid Waste Management Committee monitors and evaluates current issues that can impact APWA members.

Here is the list of the current members of the Solid Waste Management Committee:

Christine F. Andersen, P.E.
Board Liaison
Deputy City Manager, Environmental Services
City of Boulder, Colorado

Karl R. Graham
Environmental/Solid Waste Program Coordinator
City of Cincinnati, Ohio

James M. Close
Director of Public Works
City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

George Crombie
Director of Public Works
City of Nashua, New Hampshire

Rudolph D. Davidson
Director of Solid Waste Management & Services
City of Louisville, Kentucky

Robert L. Wagner
Public Works Director
City of Yuma, Arizona

The Solid Waste Management Committee's current business plan, projects in progress, meeting minutes, and contact information can be found on the APWA website at You can also contact Dave Draz, Staff Liaison, at 816-472-6100 or at