Awards 2002

APWA's Awards Program, the most prestigious in the public works world today, annually recognizes outstanding individuals, groups, and chapters who have demonstrated discipline, vision, and passion and who are truly dedicated to making a difference. The following award winners and their dedication to our profession are to be commended.

Honorary Membership Award
The Honorary Membership Award is bestowed at the discretion of the APWA President, with approval of the Board of Directors, to preeminent national leaders in the field of public works, who have promoted and enhanced the purposes of APWA. Honorary Membership is regarded as the highest honor that the association can bestow.

Presented to:
Norman Mineta
U.S. Secretary of Transportation

As Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta oversees an agency with 100,000 employees and a $58.7 billion budget. He has developed a reputation in the halls of Congress as someone who understands the importance of a sound infrastructure in America. Furthermore, since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Mineta has led the federal government's efforts to strengthen the security of the nation's transportation system.

Prior to joining President Bush's administration as Secretary of Transportation, Mineta served as U.S. Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton, becoming the first Asian Pacific American to serve in the cabinet. Prior to joining the Commerce Department, he was a vice president at Lockheed Martin Corporation.

From 1975 to 1995 he served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing the heart of California's Silicon Valley. As a member of Congress, Mineta was known for his dedication to the people of his district, for consensus building among his colleagues, and for forging public-private partnerships. Mineta's legislative and policy agenda was wide and varied, including major projects in the areas of economic development, science and technology policy, trade, transportation, the environment, intelligence, the budget, and civil rights. He co-founded the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and served as its first chair. (See also "DOT Secretary Mineta awarded APWA Honorary Membership" in this issue.)

Presidential Leadership Award
The Presidential Leadership Award is presented by the president to members who have distinguished themselves and the public works profession with their leadership.

Presented to:
Joe M. Allbaugh
Federal Emergency Management Agency

As FEMA Director, Joe M. Allbaugh coordinates federal disaster relief activities on behalf of President Bush, including the Federal Response Plan, which authorizes the response and recovery operations of 28 federal agencies and departments and the American Red Cross. He also oversees the National Flood Insurance Program and the U.S. Fire Administration, and initiates proactive mitigation activities that reduce loss of life and property from all types of hazards. He directs approximately 2,500 federal employees and 4,500 temporary disaster assistance employees.

Allbaugh directed FEMA's unprecedented response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and is closely coordinating activities with the Office of Homeland Security. In addition, Allbaugh has instituted an agency-wide reorganization, initiated a new strategic planning process, and has proposed new training and support for the country's fire services. (See also "What a Congress!" in this issue.)

Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an eminent government or other national leader for his/her far-reaching, positive impact on public works programs, services, or policies through distinguished public service and commitment. The award particularly recognizes the national leadership in furthering the mission and goals of APWA.

Presented to:
Florence Shapiro
Texas State Senator

Florence Shapiro began her service in the Texas Senate on January 12, 1993. Since that time, she has been re-elected three times, in 1994, 1996, and 2000. In 2001, she authored legislation to establish the "Texas Mobility Fund" to provide a needed financial framework to deal with the tremendous infrastructure challenges in Texas transportation. This legislation was named among the "Best Bills for Job Growth" by the Texas Association of Businesses and Chambers of Commerce. To improve the safety of the Texas roadways, she also succeeded in passing legislation to increase enforcement of unsafe trucks.

Senator Shapiro serves as Chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, and is a member of the Education Committee and Intergovernmental Relations Committee. She also serves on the Legislative Budget Board and Legislative Audit Committee. Most recently, Senator Shapiro was appointed to serve on the Joint Select Committee on School Finance and the Governor's Task Force on Homeland Security. (See also "What a Congress!" in this issue.)

Special Award of Merit
The Special Award of Merit is given out at the discretion of the Board of Directors and is awarded to someone who has, in the eyes of a board member, exemplified meritorious service to the profession of public works.

Presented to:
Peter Montalbano
First Deputy Commissioner
New York City Department of Sanitation

As First Deputy Commissioner of the NYC Department of Sanitation, Peter Montalbano is responsible for managing, directing and controlling the daily operational and administrative activities of the two major operating Bureaus of the Department (i.e., the Bureau of Cleaning and Collection, and the Bureau of Waste Disposal). He is also responsible for designing and developing departmental programs, policies and procedures to implement the directives of the Mayor of the City of New York, and the Commissioner of Sanitation, including programs to dispose of the City's refuse at out-of-city waste disposal facilities and waste prevention and recycling programs. He has contributed over 30 years of service to the NYC Department of Sanitation.

Montalbano had oversight responsibilities for the Department on September 11, 2001 and was responsible for overseeing the Department's response to the attack on the World Trade Center, including the disposal of tons of debris from the Ground Zero site and at the Fresh Kills Landfill. He was chosen to receive the 2002 APWA Special Award of Merit due to his outstanding direction of the Department in the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster. (See also "What a Congress!" in this issue.)

Charles Walter Nichols Award
The Charles Walter Nichols Award recognizes outstanding and meritorious achievement in the environmental field. This includes, but is not limited to, street sanitation, refuse collection, disposal and recycling, sewers and sewage treatment, water supply, and water treatment.

Presented to:
Nancy W. Nevil
Solid Waste Manager
City of Plano, Texas

The City of Plano's chemical collection and reuse program addresses the challenges of managing household hazardous waste in a manner that is innovative, environmentally prudent, and cost effective. Through the leadership of Nancy W. Nevil, the City's chemical reuse program was the first one in Texas to offer residential collection of household hazardous waste and operate a reuse facility to distribute reusable chemicals.

Since assuming her position in 1987, Nevil has led the Plano Solid Waste Division to receive more than 40 awards. She currently serves as the President of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) International Board, assuming the position in October 2002.

Harry S. Swearingen Award
The Harry S. Swearingen Award was established in 1958 to perpetuate the memory of Harry Seller Swearingen, who worked untiringly on behalf of APWA. The award recognizes the valuable and dedicated service of APWA members at the chapter level.

Presented to:
Vijay K. Bhasin, P.E.
Director of Public Works
City of Creve Coeur, Missouri

Vijay Bhasin, P.E., was one of the original founders of the St. Louis Branch of the Missouri Chapter and served as the first Treasurer in 1980-81. In the following years, he became Secretary and then, in 1983, Chair of the St. Louis Branch.

In 1984 Bhasin continued participating in leadership roles by becoming a Director of the Missouri Chapter. He subsequently became Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, and in 1989 became President of the Missouri Chapter. He has remained active in the leadership of the branch and chapter by serving as the Chair of the Awards and Historical Committee. Bhasin was honored by APWA by being selected as one of the Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year in 1989, and received the D2 Award from the Missouri Chapter in 2000.

Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education

The Donald C. Stone Award recognizes outstanding and meritorious achievements of individuals assisting in the areas of continuing and graduate professional education for public works professionals.

Presented to:
Edward A. Gottko, P.E.
Senior Associate
Killam Associates Consulting Engineers
Millburn, New Jersey

Edward A. Gottko, P.E., has served the education needs of the public works profession over his 30-year career. He has served in the capacity of an instructor, committee member and Chair of the Education Committee of the New Jersey Chapter in 2000 and 2001. During that time the education opportunities provided by the chapter increased dramatically, culminating in the chapter receiving the Donald C. Stone Award in 2001.

An APWA member since 1972, Gottko has served as an instructor for the Road Scholar II Program; Municipal Engineering Construction Inspection Workshop; Certified Public Works Manager Program; and Public Works Academy. He has presented papers at national conferences such as APWA's Congress and Snow Conference, as well as at Rutgers University. In addition, he has served as the New Jersey Chapter's representative to the LTAP Advisory Committee at Rutgers University, where he has worked in the planning of various educational programs.

Donald C. Stone Award for Excellence in Education

The Donald C. Stone Award is also intended to recognize chapters for their work in delivering educational opportunities for all levels of persons engaged in the delivery of public works services.

Presented to:
New England Chapter

Early in 2001, a Steering Committee of the New England Chapter met with representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to discuss ways to help municipal highway garages comply with their environmental requirements and to offer them incentives to do so. The program that resulted, the Department of Public Works Audit Initiative, was designed to increase environmental compliance, and provide inspection and potential penalty relief to municipal vehicle maintenance facilities.

As a result of this collaboration, more than 300 municipal vehicle maintenance facilities in New England are conducting environmental audits at their facilities and are correcting violations and disclosing violations to EPA and the states. EPA plans to work with the New England Chapter to measure the environmental benefits from increased compliance resulting from this program. In addition, the New England Chapter and EPA have agreed to continue their partnership and work together toward compliance with the Phase II Stormwater Regulations.

Community Involvement Award
The Community Involvement Award is given to recognize public works leaders who are also leaders in their community; to encourage public works professionals employed by governmental agencies to become active leaders in their community; to restore public trust in public employees through recognition of outstanding community leadership; and to set the example for other public employees to emulate.

Presented to:
Richard C. Keeney
Public Works Director
City of Punta Gorda, Florida

Richard C. Keeney has received recognition and appreciation for his service from APWA, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Florida Water and Pollution Control Operator Association. He has been an active volunteer for the youth in his community for many years. His volunteerism ranges from the Boy Scouts of America, Little League, Jr. Leadership Charlotte, Optimist Club, Student Government Day, and 4-H.

Keeney has also provided a positive role model to other public works professionals. He has been very active at the chapter and national levels of APWA, serving as Secretary of the Florida Chapter and serving as speaker for two International Congresses. During the past several years, he has been recognized for his outstanding leadership and service to the Florida Chapter. His most recent recognition by the Florida Chapter is the Meritorious Service Award.

Young Leader Award
The Young Leader Award recognizes and encourages young APWA members who have demonstrated a commitment to the profession and the association and show potential for future growth within the association. This award promotes the concept that length of career does not necessarily indicate one's leadership abilities or potential for service.

Presented to:
Alexander E. Attiah
Assistant Director of Public Works
Village of Winnetka, Illinois

Alex Attiah is an active member of APWA at all levels. He served as a member of the National By-Laws Committee in 2000 and is currently the Chair for the By-Laws review. At the regional level, he has held the position of Treasurer for the Chicago Metro Chapter Lake County Branch, served on their conference committees, and is currently Chair of the Metro Chapter Accreditation and Self-Assessment Committee.

Attiah has been a featured speaker at events hosted by the Chicago Metro Chapter, the Illinois Assistant Municipal Managers Association, and most recently at the 2001 APWA Congress in Philadelphia. He served on APWA's Management Practices Advisory Committee, in the summer of 2001, to create the Fourth Edition of the Public Works Management Practices Manual. In addition, he served on the public works steering committee for the Inter-governmental Risk Management Association representing 75 agencies in the northeastern Illinois area.

Presented to:
Sarah Phillips
Assistant Director
Department of Public Works
City of Paducah, Kentucky

Sarah Phillips, the recipient of the Young Leader Award, has been a very energetic leader in her profession and the community. She established the City of Paducah's composting operation, oversees the City's fleet management program including fuel management operations, and continues to organize and promote Public Works Appreciation Day, an open-house event held in conjunction with Earth Day and National Public Works Week.

An active member of APWA for 10 years, Phillips is involved in many civic functions including United Way, Senior Citizens, Paducah's Master Gardener Program, and downtown programs; is a SWANA-certified MSW Systems Manager and a Certified Compost Operator (a trainer for the state certification program); and has won the 1996 Beneficial Use of Biosolids Award from the EPA and the 1998-99 Residuals & Biosolids Award from the KY/TN Water Environment Association.

Private Sector Service Award

The Private Sector Service Award (Individual) acknowledges the important role the private sector plays in providing public works facilities and services. This award recognizes outstanding individual achievement through chapter activity in support of the association's strategic plan, goals, and objectives.

Presented to:
Lawrence Lux
Lux Advisors, Ltd.
Plainfield, Illinois

Lawrence Lux has been an active leader of APWA and the Chicago Metro Chapter for more than 35 years. Since becoming a member of the association in 1966, he has served in most branch and chapter offices, culminating in serving as Chapter President in 1995. In 1996, he became the chapter's Alternate Chapter Delegate, and in 1997 became the Chapter Delegate. In April 2000, he was appointed to the APWA Board of Directors as Director-At-Large, Public Works Management/Leadership, and was re-elected to a full three-year term in 2001.

Lux has served on numerous committees, including the Diversity, International Affairs, Emergency Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership & Management, and APWA-InfoLink Committees. He is an active member of the American Water Works Association, Institute of Transportation Engineers, National Emergency Management Association, Society for Marketing Professional Services, Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois, and the Illinois Association of County Engineers.

Private Sector Service Award

The Private Sector Service Award (Corporate) acknowledges the important role the private sector plays in providing public works facilities and services. This award recognizes outstanding individual achievement through chapter activity in support of the association's strategic plan, goals, and objectives.

Presented to:
TranSystems Corporation
Kansas City, Missouri

TranSystems Corporation has a solid history of support and service for the public works industry and APWA that goes back more than 30 years. The firm has been a consistently strong supporter of the Kansas City Metro Chapter, providing a leadership role through their employee participation as well as providing a strong financial benefit to the chapter. TranSystems Corporation can boast of three past Chapter Presidents, the current Chapter Secretary, and a number of active committee members.

Transportation support at the past three APWA Congresses has been enjoyed by many, through the providing of buses and shuttles between meeting locations and hotels funded by TranSystems Corporation. This kind of support is indicative of the firm's commitment and sponsorship of APWA. TranSystems' financial support of the Kansas City Metro Chapter's fundraising efforts for the 2002 APWA Congress has made them a chapter leader locally as well.

Diversity Exemplary Practices Award
The Diversity Exemplary Practices Award recognizes an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions to diversity. APWA defines diversity as follows: value of all individuals and different perspectives of those individuals, and providing the process for all to feel included as part of the whole. Diversity includes race, gender, creed, age, lifestyle, national origin, disability, personality, educational background, and income level. Diversity is neither an affirmative action nor an equal opportunity program.

Presented to:
Jennifer Barlas
Business Development Specialist
Foth & Van Dyke and Associates, Inc.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Jennifer Barlas has served on the National and Chicago Metro Chapter Diversity Task Forces for a number of years, and is a champion of the efforts of APWA in making the group more accessible to women and minorities, as well as making the group aware of the differences that make us successful. She frequently recruits members from all walks to attend the diversity functions at Congress. Her involvement culminated in her assuming the chair of the National Diversity Committee in 2001.

Barlas served as the first woman president of the Fox Valley Branch, and has encouraged and brought additional women into the organization to further encourage the chapter to recruit and maintain members that more closely match the demographics in society. As chair of the Chicago Metro Chapter's Diversity Committee, she was successful in joining forces with the chapter's Membership Committee to recruit a diversity of members.

Presented to:
Alvin Brooks
Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem
City of Kansas City, Missouri

Affectionately known as the grandfather of human relations and diversity at City Hall, Alvin Brooks served as the first Director of the City of Kansas City's Human Relations Department, a department he organized in 1968 shortly after the city's civil disorder. In this capacity he developed and/or implemented many of the contracting practices Kansas City follows to assure affirmative action and fair allocations of city projects to minority and women business entities.

In 1991 Brooks was elected President of the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime, a group he founded 14 years earlier. Later, he was a key participant in merging the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime with Project Neighborhood, to create a new group, Move Up. This group incorporates crime fighting and inner-city violence issues with community betterment. Brooks has received numerous accolades and awards that speak to his efforts in diversity issues, and was recognized by President George Bush in 1990 as one of America's "1000 Points of Light."

Presented to:
Kansas City Harmony
Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Harmony is a resource and catalyst in and for the metropolitan Kansas City community to improve race relations, increase appreciation for cultural diversity, and eliminate intolerance. Harmony's vision is that by virtue of the organization's work, the Kansas City metropolitan area will be a model community that values and respects the cultural diversity of its people, a community that strives for a high quality of life for all, and one that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual.

Harmony's primary goals are to create awareness and build capacity in individuals and institutions to make changes that result in truly just and inclusive neighborhoods, schools, faith institutions, human service agencies, social groups, local governments, employers, and businesses. Harmony sponsors more than 20 ongoing programs and services in the furtherance of these goals.

Exceptional Performance Award
The Exceptional Performance Awards recognize individuals, teams, or organizations in the areas of adversity, journalism, and safety whose outstanding contributions in the course of performance raise the level of public awareness of the profession.

Adversity recognizes exceptional performance in the face of adversity in service to the public.

Presented to:
Paul Young
Foreman/Water Operator
Village of North Aurora, Illinois

During the summer of 2001, the Village of North Aurora experienced a very unusual dry spell, and faced a situation of not being able to supply a sufficient water supply to the City or provide adequate water for fire protection. Paul Young took charge of the situation and solely directed efforts to correct the danger. He immediately initiated a reverse 911 feature to contact over 2,000 homeowners in 45 minutes instructing them of a Village-wide water ban for outside use. Other actions Young took included the coordination of a door-to-door notification, mass mailing, day and evening community-wide water patrol, and notification to the media.

Young's efforts also included direct coordination with North Aurora's Fire Department, Public Safety, Public Works Department, and consulting engineers and Village elected officials. In addition, he worked to draw water samples for the Illinois EPA, and supervised efforts with water main replacement from Well #4 to the chlorination point. Within a two-week period, Young was able to reduce water demand within the Village as well as implement a water conservation program for the Village of North Aurora.

Journalism recognizes exceptional performance in presenting the story of a public works issue or event that projects a positive image of individuals or agencies in the course of their performance in both broadcast and print mediums.

Presented to:
Desert Wash Safety and Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Guides
Tucson Department of Transportation
Stormwater Management Section and Traffic Engineering Division
City of Tucson, Arizona

Desert washes can look like playgrounds to children, but they can be dangerous. The "Desert Wash Safety Activity Book" alerts kids to their potential dangers. Produced by the Tucson Department of Transportation's Stormwater Section, the coloring book features Zack Rabbit and Lenny Lizard as guides to desert wash safety. More than 10,000 of the books have been distributed to area youngsters through schools, children's programs and children's centers.

Although aimed at children, the book has some valuable lessons for adults, especially those who end up stranded on the roofs of their cars during the monsoon. "It's dangerous to drive or wade across a flowing wash," Zack warns. "You or your car might get stuck or washed away!" Along with safety tips, the book points out the value of harvesting stormwater to water plants around the house. Finally, there's a plea not to dump trash and pollutants in the wash.

Safety recognizes exceptional performance in the area of safety.

Presented to:
Joey Page
Risk Manager
City of Plano, Texas

Joey Page, recipient of the Exceptional Performance Award in the area of safety, developed the Plano Safety Olympics Program, which stresses the importance of safety and accident prevention while providing a team-building experience for the employee team in a casual and fun environment. Page has been instrumental in enhancing the program to the point where it is one of the most anticipated events by all City of Plano employees.

Prior to and during Olympics events, specialists within the City are utilized to discuss topics such as proper use of personal safety equipment, physical fitness, fire safety, heat stroke prevention, proper lifting, and working around heavy equipment. The eagerly anticipated event is the summit of a year-round education and training program initiated through Plano's Risk Management Department. The program is so successful it has seen the number of Workers' Compensation claims decrease dramatically in recent years.

Technical Innovation Award and Management Innovation Award
The Technical Innovation Award and the Management Innovation Award recognize an individual, team, or organization for the development and implementation of a creative idea, device, process, or system that enhances the goals of public works in serving the public and protecting the environment.

Technical Innovation Award

Presented to:
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Bridge Project
Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and
Lawrence Technological University
Southfield, Michigan

The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Bridge project consists of the replacement of a failing bridge over the Rouge River in the City of Southfield, Michigan, with two parallel concrete bridges. Each bridge contains three spans over a 62m (204 ft) length and carries one-way traffic in a boulevard configuration.

While the first bridge (Structure A) used standard AASHTO precast concrete girders and steel reinforcement, the other bridge (Structure B) was constructed of precast concrete double-tee beams reinforced and prestressed with rods and strands produced from carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP). The design of Structure B is extraordinary; there is no other bridge of this type anywhere in the nation, nor in the world.

Ultimately, this project is anticipated to demonstrate that the use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer material as structural reinforcement can dramatically increase the potential service life of highway bridges, thereby reducing safety hazards and annual maintenance costs.

Management Innovation Award

Presented to:
The Environmental Defenders Program
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Alhambra, California

As part of its public education effort to help achieve reductions in landfill waste, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (DPW) focused a portion of its outreach on educating children. The DPW established "The Environmental Defenders," an elementary school environmental education program to teach children in grades K-6 the importance of the Three R's—reducing, reusing and recycling—as well as concepts about stormwater pollution prevention, conservation and proper disposal of household hazardous waste.

Targeting the more than one million K-6 grade schoolchildren in Los Angeles County, the Environmental Defenders Program focuses not only on providing children with important environmental information, tips and messages, but more importantly encouraging action to actually reduce, reuse and recycle. This is done through multiple communication channels, including school assemblies, community events, corporate promotions and the media.

Presented to:
QUEST Gainsharing Program
City of Rolling Meadows, Illinois

In January 2001, the City of Rolling Meadows Public Works Department launched QUEST, a program through which employees and taxpayers share in the savings created by organizational improvements. QUEST stands for Quality Efficiency Service Teams.

Under this program a percentage of the savings is returned to the residents in the form of reduced taxation or fees for services, and a percentage of the savings is distributed equally to all Public Works employees in the form of annual Gainsharing awards. The Gainsharing Funding Formula established for the QUEST program by the City Council is as follows:

  • Fifty percent of the net savings or increased revenues are distributed to the Department of Public Works Gainsharing Pool.
  • Ten percent of the net savings or increased revenues are "banked" for discretionary use by the Department to improve the delivery of Public Works services.
  • Forty percent of the savings or increased revenues are returned to the taxpayers in the first year, and 100% of the savings in future years.
In its first year, the QUEST program has generated over $69,000 in savings. Public Works employees will receive equal shares of over $800 from the annual Gainsharing Award Pool.

Public Fleet Manager of the Year Award
The Public Fleet Manager of the Year Award seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in the public sector by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of public fleet management professionals. The primary focus of this award is recognition of exceptional management, operation, and maintenance of public sector equipment fleets.

Presented to:
Dennis Banka
Public Works Manager
City of Lenexa, Kansas

As Public Works Manager for the City of Lenexa, Dennis Banka is responsible for all fleet management as well as other operating functions. The Fleet Management Division is responsible for more than 500 pieces of equipment including fire trucks, police vehicles, cars, trucks, and miscellaneous construction equipment. That number has grown by more than 20 percent over the last ten years without any additional personnel and enhanced vehicle service levels. This is testament to Banka's ability to achieve greater productivity through innovation, technology and constant process improvement.

Some of the technology/equipment innovations Banka is responsible for include the design and construction of the only automated bridge de-icing system in the Kansas City metropolitan area, a system that saves both equipment and staff time. Other labor/time saving innovations include specifying and purchasing "swap loaders" on single axle trucks, "hot patch" box on the swap loader, a mobile anti-icing unit using magnesium chloride, and the utilization of a backhoe "thumb" attachment.

Public Right-of-Way Manager of the Year Award
The Public Right-of-Way Manager of the Year Award seeks to inspire excellence and dedication in the public sector by recognizing the outstanding career service achievements of public right-of-way management professionals. The primary focus of this award is recognition of the management of the public rights-of-way which demonstrates that all stakeholders share the public rights-of-way in harmony and preserve them in the best interest and benefit of the public.

Presented to:
Lorne Ross
Manager of Surface Projects
Transportation Utilities Public Works
Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton

Lorne Ross has had extensive involvement with rights-of-way management issues ranging from operational responsibilities for road maintenance works to negotiating municipal access agreements with utility and telecommunications companies desiring access to municipal public rights-of-way. He has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Telecommunications Subcommittee, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario's Gas Franchises Committee, and APWA's Utility and Public Right-of-Way Technical Committee. In addition, Ross was a member of the Steering Committee for the Utility Cut Consortium Project initiated by the National Research Council of Canada and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Ross initiated a comprehensive review of rights-of-way management issues for the Region of Ottawa-Carleton that produced a landmark study containing over 106 recommendations. As a result of this work the Region of Ottawa-Carleton became the first municipality in Canada to implement several leading edge rights-of-way management measures.

Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence (PACE)
The PACE Award recognizes APWA chapters for their positive impact on their membership, their profession, and their community. Following are this year's choices.

Chicago Metro Chapter
The Chicago Metro Chapter's Public Relations Committee, headed by Glen Andler, is actively involved in publicizing chapter activities, which include the notification of public works open houses, publicity regarding the Top Ten recipient, publication of the chapter ad book, scholarships, and other chapter activities. The chapter celebrates National Public Works Week with its annual Conference and Trade Exposition, as well as the Snow Plow and Loader Competitions. The local media are notified of these activities by the Public Relations Committee. In addition, Andler has worked with communities in the Chicago area to help them administer public works open houses.

Kansas City Metro Chapter
The Kansas City Metro Chapter continued its tradition of sponsoring the Myron D. Calkins symposium at the APWA International Public Works Congress and Exposition. During the 2001 Congress in Philadelphia, the "Excellence in Leadership" series featured noted speaker John Luthy. Focusing on the issues of public works management and leadership, Luthy presented "Leaving a Legacy: Defining the New Age of Public Works Leadership." Attendees from nationwide learned how they could pass something meaningful to the next generation, while creating a work environment that is efficient, highly productive and harmonious.

New England Chapter
The New England Chapter hosts thirteen major educational programs each year. They include three jointly sponsored meetings with the EPA, the Spring Meeting, two Mechanics Workshops, the Summer Workshop, the Fall Meeting, and Show and Ice Workshops. More than 1,900 public works officials and other government officials attended these educational forums, which generally begin in April and end in October each year. The chapter names a chair for each of these functions that is responsible for developing the agenda and soliciting presenters for these functions. They are also responsible for reserving the location of the function and arranging all of the necessary details.

New Jersey Chapter
The Road Scholar I Program is organized by the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Technology—Local Technical Assistance Program at Rutgers University and the New Jersey Chapter's Education Committee. This program consists of 20 half-day courses that cover an assortment of subject areas, including roadwork, maintenance, record keeping, and safety. Students must complete 18 of the 20 courses to earn the credential of Road Scholar. The program promotes state-of-the-art practices and identifies new technologies in the public works field. It also reinforces the education learned in basic public works courses and allows supervisors and managers to share experiences and network with others in their field.

North Carolina Chapter
The North Carolina Chapter's Equipment Services Division took the lead in 2001 to provide a community service activity through their continuing support for the proper management and disposal of used oil and other hazardous materials. To highlight responsible behavior and reinforce the need for effective disposal of by-product wastes from equipment maintenance activities, the Division sponsored a used oil and pesticide collection day at the Division's Annual Conference. The program highlighted several important messages on behalf of public works professionals—safety, environmental stewardship, equipment maintenance standards, appropriate disposal of residual pesticides, and community service.

Oregon Chapter
Each year the Oregon Chapter Scholastic Foundation awards scholarships to civil engineering students at the Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State University and Portland State University. The scholarships were established to financially assist civil engineering students who are interested in pursuing a career in public works. For the first time, the chapter awarded a scholarship to a student enrolled in the Public Administration program in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University. The scholarship is named for former Portland City Commissioner Michael Lindberg and was established to financially assist students who are interested in pursuing a career in public works administration.

Sacramento Chapter
The Sacramento Chapter continued its successful "Bring a Guest" campaign in 2001. When a member brings a guest to a lunch meeting, his or her name is put "in a hat," with a winning name pulled every couple of months for a free lunch or monetary award. During introductions at every chapter meeting, members who bring guests stand up and introduce them to the entire chapter. These activities were successful in directing attention to members about the importance of continuous recruitment activities. In addition, the Executive Committee set a goal for itself of two guests per board member over the course of the year (10 lunch meetings). The objective was to set a good example for the general membership.

Texas Chapter
Each year the Texas Chapter supports and celebrates National Public Works Week in a variety of ways. In 2001 the chapter co-sponsored a barbecue with the Southeast Branch on the lawn of the State Capitol in Austin to raise awareness by providing lunch for the legislators during NPWW. The North Central Texas Branch held their Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament during NPWW; the event raised more than $10,000 and was earmarked for scholarships from the local area for students entering the public works field. The South Central Texas Branch also held its Scholarship Golf Tournament during NPWW and is in the process of building its scholarship fund.

Abel Wolman Award
Established in 1987, the Abel Wolman Award recognizes the best new book published on a public works history topic. It provides encouragement and recognition for authors to pursue research in the field of public works.

Presented to:
Jameson W. Doig
Professor of Public Affairs
Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

This year's winner is Empire on the Hudson: Entrepreneurial Vision and Political Power at the Port of New York Authority, by Jameson W. Doig. This publication traces the evolution of the Port Authority from the battles leading to its creation in 1921 through its conflicts with the railroads and its expansion to build bridges and tunnels for motor vehicles.

Michael Robinson Award
Established in 2001, the Michael Robinson Award recognizes the best essay or article published on a public works history topic. It provides encouragement and recognition for authors to pursue research in the field of public works.

Presented to:
Dave Pasley
Retired Special Projects Coordinator
City of San Antonio, Texas

Winner for this year's competition is Dave Pasley for his article, "Getting Out from Under." The article, published in the American Planning Association's journal Planning, highlights the positive changes that occurred in San Antonio's approach to stormwater management.

Aedile Award
Re-established by the Public Works Historical Society (PWHS) and APWA, beginning with the 2002 Awards Program, the Aedile (the title used by public works officials in the ancient Roman Empire) recognizes outstanding contributions toward the collection, preservation, and dissemination of public works history.

Awarded to:
John Schladweiler, P.E., R.L.S.
Deputy Director
Pima County Wastewater Management Department

This year's recipient is John C. Schladweiler for his oral presentation, "Tracking Down the Roots of our Sanitary Sewers." The presentation traces the development of sewers from 3500 B.C. through the early 1900s. The early sewage infrastructure was almost always created primarily for conveying stormwater away from populated areas. With time and need, the early conveyance system eventually resulted in combined systems.