APWA Reporter wins award

We're not in the habit of tooting our own horns around here, but what the heck...we're proud to say that the magazine you're now holding is an award-winning publication. The APWA Reporter has won the 2001 APEX Award of Excellence in the "One to Two Person-Produced Magazines & Journals" category.

APEX is the annual Awards for Publication Excellence competition, and is open to communicators in corporate, nonprofit and independent settings. APEX is sponsored by the editors of Writing That Works, the newsletter for communicators who write, edit and manage business publications. Writing That Works is published by Communications Concepts, Inc., providing problem-solving information to professional communicators since 1984.

Of course, just because we won an award doesn't mean that we're going to rest on our laurels. We'll continue to do our best to report on all facets of public works including legislative actions, emerging technologies, APWA activities, latest management trends, and other information pertinent to the performance of public works services. In truth, it's fun working on the APWA Reporter and we hope you enjoy reading it each month as much as we enjoy putting it together.