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APWA unveils new, improved web site located at

R. Kevin Clark
Editor, APWA Reporter

After several months of development by our information technology staff, APWA unveiled its new, improved, and easier-to-navigate web site in February. The site, located at, includes information and interactive features on the structure of the organization, membership, annual meetings, and more-all in an improved, easy-to-use format.

According to Christopher Lemon, Web Developer, the previous site design had some growing problems in its more than two years' service to the community. "It was very easy to get lost in the many layers of pages and also lacked a consistent design that carried out throughout the entire site," Lemon said.

Since the new site differs greatly from the first site in design and functionality, Lemon is confident that members will immediately see the changes. "Aside from the new look, one key element is the new search engine," he said. "We completely redesigned it, and in addition to searching every page on the site, our members will now be able to search within Adobe Acrobat PDF files automatically. So no matter where you read it, the search engine will locate it for you. We will be adding additional enhancements to the engine throughout the year which will make searching the site easier."

A number of standard features remain from the original site. On the new site, you can still:

* Learn about the activities of the professional/educational/technical committees and how you can get involved.

* Access an archive of association documents that includes text of APWA policies and position statements.

* View lists of APWA corporate and agency members and link to their web sites.

* Check out the latest schedule of events for the International Public Works Congress and Exposition.

* Find out how to participate in one of APWA's satellite videoconferences.

* Access the "members only" area, which includes everything from committee business plans to member records to our infoNOW Communities.

* Access the APWA InfoLink site by clicking on "Resource Center" from the home page.

And of course, the Hot Topics, Resource Center, and job openings in public works remain on the new site. In addition, individuals may order APWA publications or apply for membership on-line using a credit card.

According to Lemon, the original site was less than user friendly, and he took great pains to make the new one better. "I looked at our average site visitor and determined we were using way too much graphics on our pages," he said. "Not everyone has a high-speed connection, and they shouldn't be punished for not having one. The other key element is how the information is displayed on the screen. Sections such as Resource Center, Jobs, and Hot Topics had a major face-lift in the way information is being delivered."

So enjoy the new web site. It will continue to expand, and information will be updated on a weekly basis. If you have comments or questions about the new web site, contact Christopher Lemon at 816-472-6100 or