Index to 2000 Articles

Martin: APWA's All Time Leading Author, Dec/Jan, pg. 3
Shuster Presented Honorary Membership Award, Dec/Jan, pg. 5
APWA Awards Program, Apr, pg. 18
Michigan Chapter presents Honorary Membership Award to Senator Abraham, June, pg. 8
2000 Congress Awards, Nov, pg. 15

Congress 2000
Congress: The value propositions, Apr, pg. 26
Proud to Care: APWA connects with the community, May, pg. 14
Things to do, places to go in Louisville, July, pg. 12
APWA headed to Louisville, Sept, pg. 10
Don't miss these at Congress!, Sept, pg. 12
Start planning now for 2001 Congress, Sept, pg. 12
One-day passes available for Congress!, Sept, pg. 12
Twenty-nine insider secrets revealed: How to prosper from the APWA trade show, Sept, pg. 14
Roundable Discussions, Sept, pg. 17
Congress Highlights, Nov, pg. 10

Corporate Directory
Directory of APWA Corporate Members: categorical and alphabetical, Apr, pg. 35

Fleet Management
Parts Outsourcing: The Lynchburg way, Aug, pg. 8
HR solutions for the technician-mechanic shortage, Aug, pg. 10
Asset replacement planning and financing: A key strategy for controlling fleet costs, Aug, pg. 12
The Digital Divide: Does your fleet management organization have a plan for staying on the right side?, Aug, pg. 16

Access Board Establishes Advisory Committee on Public Rights-of-Way, Feb, pg. 11
TechnoShift: Are You a 20th Century Thinker in a 21st Century World?, Feb, pg. 25
Greatest engineering achievements of the 20th Century, Apr, pg. 30
Asset Management: The newest new thing or same-old, same-old?, June, pg. 6
Diversity, in and out of APWA, Sept, pg. 22
Performance Measurement: An improvement tool, Sept, pg. 31
City of Plano Safety Olympics brings home the gold in education and loss prevention, Sept, pg. 36
Trends in public involvement: Focusing on the public in public works, Sept, pg. 40
Proactive facility management: Maximize time, money and manpower, Sept, pg. 46
Presentation by the President of SPWA, Nov, pg. 29
Emergency management training available, Nov, pg. 33

Information Technology
Y2K Excuses, Dec/Jan, pg. 15
Who's Digging Up the Street Again?...Or, Where's My High Speed Internet Access? You Can Have it Both Ways, Feb, pg. 9
Preparation for Y2K Pays Dividends for Government Agencies: Up-To-Date System and Inventory, Feb, pg. 28
CAD/GIS tools help community improve flood preparation, June, pg. 12
From mainframe to laptop, June, pg. 14
Inspections in the palm of your hand, June, pg. 16
Fontana/Ontario Advanced Traffic Management Information System, June, pg. 18
Company moves, technology improves, June, pg. 21

Inside APWA
APWA To Recognize Projects of the Century, Dec/Jan, pg. 8
APWA Hosts Telecommunications Summit, Dec/Jan, pg. 12
APWA Endorses National Engineers Week, Dec/Jan, pg. 13
APWA Endorses National Job Shadowing Program for Youth, Dec/Jan, pg. 18
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb, pg. 3
APWA-SWANA: A partnership in progress, Mar, pg. 14
New APWA Staff, Mar, pg. 22
Index to 1999 Articles, Mar, pg. 24
APWA Board of Directors, Apr, pg. 3
APWA Staff, Apr, pg. 8
Chapter Contacts, Apr, pg. 16
APWA partnership activities, Apr, pg. 20
The 2000 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year, May, pg. 5
APWA accreditation, May, pg. 13
New board member appointed, June, pg. 3
APWA's Small Cities/Rural Communities Forum has big day on Capitol Hill, June, pg. 10
KC Chapter celebrates NPWW, July, pg. 3
APWA introduces new infoNOW communities, July, pg. 7
Candidates for the 2000-2001 APWA Board of Directors named, July, pg. 8
APWA InfoLink: A new generation tool, July, pg. 10
The Public Works Projects of the Year, July, pg. 28
West Slope branch honors scholastic achievement, Aug, pg. 3
APWA and Rebuild America in Financing America's Future, Sept, pg. 5
APWA: Financial Overview for 1999, Sept, pg. 6
New APWA staff, Sept, pg. 29
APWA becomes Contributing Society for National Engineers Week, Nov, pg. 6
Top Ten Public Works Projects of the Century, Nov, pg. 8
APWA public policy advocacy and government affairs, Nov, pg. 26
Common Ground...Common Goals...Common Good, Nov, pg. 31

International Idea Exchange
Asset Management "Down Under," Dec/Jan, pg. 14
The San Diego-Tijuana Letter of Agreement, Feb, pg. 23
Japanese-APWA Exchange Program: A forum for learning, Mar, pg. 20
Public works delivery in the Slovak Republic, Apr, pg. 24
APWA/IPWEA International Exchange Program, May, pg. 16
Electronic communications enhance international communication, June, pg. 9
Traffic Calming, July, pg. 26
APWA explores feasibility of establishing chapter in Mexico, Aug, pg. 6
International Affairs Committee activities report, Sept, pg. 28

Past APWA President, Max Whitman, dies, June, pg. 4

President's Message
Innovative Financing, Dec/Jan, pg. 2
Stepping Into a New Century, Feb, pg. 2
Public works: committed to the environment, Mar, pg. 2
Cooperation is the key, Apr, pg. 2
Recognition for a job well done is important, May, pg. 2
Advancements in technology truly amazing, June, pg. 2
Transportation funding a high priority, July, pg. 2
Equipment operators essential to public works operations, Aug, pg. 2
Reflections on a Rewarding Year, Sept, pg. 2
New president stresses importance of sharing knowledge, successes, Oct, pg. 5
Louisville Congress: A great energizer, Nov, pg. 2

Rebuild America
Rebuild America Coalition names new chairman, Mar, pg. 6
Rebuild America Coalition outlines infrastructure needs, Apr, pg. 28
APWA and Rebuild America in Financing America's Future, Sept, pg. 5

Solid Waste
Finding solutions for sustainable waste management, Mar, pg. 8
Capture your MSW through economic flow control, Mar, pg. 11
Full cost accounting: resource materials designed for local solid waste officials, Mar, pg. 17

Transportation, Roads
Performance of six retroreflectometers is documented, Mar, pg. 28
Federal Transportation Funding Issues, July, pg. 15
MAGLEV: Transporting New Orleans into the future, July, pg. 19
Bringing the nighttime road to life, July, pg. 22
Fluorescent yellow-green warning signs for pedestrians, school, and bicycle crossings, July, pg. 25

Washington Insight
Stormwater Phase II Rules Issued, Dec/Jan, pg. 4
Unlocking Aviation Trust Fund Remains at Issue as Congress Adjourns without Completing Airport Funding Bill, Dec/Jan, pg. 5
Bridging the Gap: Public Works and the Water Quality Price Tag, Feb, pg. 5
Rural Transportation Planning Process Focus of USDOT Study, Feb, pg. 6
Congress prepares to address infrastructure legislation as budget surplus grows, Mar, pg. 3
FHWA and FTA issue review questions on environmental justice in transportation planning, Apr, pg. 4
The public works government relations connection, Apr, pg. 5
Congress approves funding boost for state and local airports, May, pg. 3
Study documents large water infrastructure funding needs, June, pg. 4
Rising gasoline prices prompt efforts to cut gasoline tax, June, pg. 5
Congressional budget process concerns prompt measures for reform, July, pg. 5
Water Infrastructure Caucus Members, July, pg. 6
New report to Congress shows transportation investment short of meeting total needs, Aug, pg. 4
EPA issues final TMDL rule, Sept, pg. 3
FHWA establishes network with local officials, Oct, pg. 2
Water infrastructure needs the focus of a growing bipartisan congressional caucus, Oct, pg. 3
Government Affairs Committee selects public policy advocacy priorities, Nov, pg. 4
Recruitment for the TEA-21 Reauthorization Task Force is underway, Nov, pg. 5

Water Resources
EPA proposes SSO policy, Dec/Jan, pg. 10
Financial Strategies for Stormwater Management, Feb, pg. 12
NPDES Phase II Solutions for Small Municipalities, Feb, pg. 16
The Endangered Species Act and Its Impact on Public Works Operations in the Pacific Northwest, Feb, pg. 18
Summary of actions: National Drinking Water Advisory Council, Feb, pg. 20
Water Resources Management Committee Update, Feb, pg. 22

Winter Maintenance
Attention winter maintenance community, Sept, pg. 21
Improving winter maintenance services cooperatively, Oct, pg. 7
Community relations and outreach programs, Oct, pg. 9
Snow and ice control program in Kansas City, Oct, pg. 11
SICOP: Computer-based training for RWIS/anti-icing, Oct, pg. 13
Two ways to avoid reinventing the wheel in winter maintenance issues, Oct, pg. 16
New free snowfighting training materials, Oct, pg. 16