Attention winter maintenance community

Kevin M. Koch, P.E.
City of Philadelphia, PA

The APWA sub-committee on winter maintenance will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Monday, September 11, 2000, in Louisville, Kentucky during this year’s Congress. We need your input.

One of the goals of the sub-committee is the development of an update to APWA’s publication on Snow and Ice Control in Urban Areas. Created in 1965, this document provides little practical information in today’s environment. During group discussions at recent meetings, a consensus was reached that a best regional winter weather practices manual would benefit more people than the urban manual.

We need your ideas. We invite everyone involved in this critical public works activity to attend the roundtable discussion, tell us about your operations, and advise us with content suggestions for the new publication. It is our intention to collect as much information as possible and schedule a technical working group, consisting of experts in this area, which in turn will meet for two to three days to develop these ideas on publication content, information resources, etc.

Our goal is to create something that all of us in the winter maintenance fraternity will be able to make real use of, not just another book filed away on the shelf. If you’re attending this year’s Congress, please plan to join Larry Frevert of Kansas City, our committee chair, and myself on Monday afternoon. In addition, if you would like to hear more on new winter maintenance practices, plan to attend Tuesday’s technical session at 3:00 p.m. Hope to see you in Louisville.

The publication expected to result from these efforts will be a local government and urban areas supplement to the Guide for Snow and Ice Control. This Guide is a 1999 publication by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) done through the oversight of the Winter Maintenance Policy Coordinating Committee, of which APWA has membership. The Guide can be purchased through APWA’s bookstore. The supplement for local governments and urban areas will be an APWA publication, but development will be coordinated with the Winter Maintenance Policy Coordinating Committee.