Candidates for the 2000-2001 APWA Board of Directors named

Five nominees are slated for election to the 2000-2001 APWA Board of Directors. Current board member candidates nominated by the national nominating committee include: Richard L. Ridings, vice president, HNTB Corporation, Austin, Texas, for president-elect; Thomas W. Trice, director of recreation & public service, Royal Oak, Michigan, for director of Region V; Leon P. Lancaster, community development director/city engineer, Madera, California, for director of Region VIII; and Dwayne E. Kalynchuk, director of planning & engineering services, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, for director of Region IX. A new candidate nominated by the committee is John L. German, director of public works, San Antonio, Texas, for at-large director of engineering and technology.

This year’s national nominating committee is comprised of the chair, Robert H. Miller, Arlington Heights, Illinois; Robert Albee, Watertown, Massachusetts; Ann Burnett, San Diego, California; John L. German, San Antonio, Texas (served only in nomination of president-elect position); J. Rachel Lazarus, Tallahassee, Florida; Ian Stout, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada; and Win S. Westfall, Sacramento, California.

Richard L. Ridings, President-Elect

He began his public service career as a laborer in the City of Maryville, Tennessee, in 1968. For the next 25 years he served in directorial public works and city manager’s positions in Texas and Oklahoma and as chief executive officer of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. In 1993, Ridings assumed his current position in the private sector. He served APWA as the at-large director for state agencies in the early 90s and is completing his second term as director-at-large for engineering & technology. He attributes his advancement and success opportunities to his involvement in APWA and stresses the importance of APWA remaining a change organization that recognizes the program and policy needs of its constituents and becomes the leader in maintaining a sustainable infrastructure.

Thomas W. Trice, Director, Region V

Although seeing himself as the typical public works servant in a small size agency, Trice has made significant contributions to public works professionalism by establishing training programs that have impacted agencies across Michigan. He was the driving force behind creation of the Michigan Public Works Supervisors Institute. Trice’s 30 years of experience in public service ranges from dispatcher to heavy equipment driver to responsibility for a multimillion dollar budget. One of his early successes with his city was to spearhead a privatization of sanitation services that saved citizens more than $10 million. Trice is a 1997 recipient of APWA’s Top Ten Award. He is completing his first term as director of Region V.

Leon P. Lancaster, Director, Region VIII

The senior member and a past president of the APWA House of Delegates, Lancaster has a rich background in the association, both on national and local levels. He has 29 years of experience with city public works and engineering. In his current position, Lancaster is responsible for planning, engineering, building inspection, and code enforcement. A 1985 Top Ten recipient, Lancaster has initiated innovations in such areas as equipment rental and replacement procedures, water recharging and replenishment, and solid waste management. He is also a recipient of the 1996 Harry S. Swearingen Award for chapter service. He is completing his first term as director of Region VIII.

Dwayne Kalynchuk, Director, Region IX

Kalynchuk is a past president of the Alberta Chapter and has been an active supporter of the association for the last 16 years. He is a past vice president of the Canadian Public Works Association, a past member of APWA’s management practices advisory committee, and was the 1995 recipient of the Eisenhower/Jennings Randolph International Public Works Fellowship from the Eisenhower World Affairs Institute in Washington, D.C. With 22 years of public works service to his credit, one of his most unusual experiences was as an organizational specialist for Stanley International in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1987. He is completing his first term as director of Region IX.

John L. German, Director-at-Large, Engineering & Technology

Mr. German has served in key positions in APWA for 26 years, having previously served as President of the Texas Chapter in 1983. In addition to his role as public works director of San Antonio, Texas, he is chair of APWA’s Government Affairs Committee, has served as chair of APWA’s Engineering & Technology PET Committee, been a member of the Transportation Committee, and represented APWA on the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) Executive Committee for six years, including two years as the chair. Having also participated on the Strategic Planning Committee, German supports the policies and directions of the Board of Directors designed to implement that plan. He is a 2000 Top Ten recipient.

VOTING MEMBERS: Your ballot is included with this issue of the Reporter. Please vote and mail your ballot card to APWA headquarters before August 11, 2000.