Presentation by the President of SPWA

Editor’s Note: The following presentation was given on September 11 by Vladimir Fábry, President of the Slovak Public Works Association (SPWA), to the International Affairs Committee at APWA’s Congress in Louisville. On September 13 at Congress, a collaborative alliance between APWA and SPWA was signed.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Please let me greet all of you on behalf of SPWA members and to thank you for your invitation and for the possibility to present ourselves at such an important forum as APWA Congress.

Contacts between SPWA and APWA already have their tradition, although it has only been a short one-only two years have passed from Mr. Greenough’s visit to Slovakia and since the Slovak delegation attended the APWA Congress in Las Vegas-but they were productive years. Especially over the last few months, the information exchange between APWA and SPWA executive bodies has been very intensive and our people in Slovakia highly appreciate your interest in problems with the democratization and transformation of our society and your willingness to help us to find solutions for these problems.

It is our honor and pleasure that our contacts have led to preparation of an official collaboration agreement, and I am sure that the signing and realization of this agreement will significantly contribute to our public works delivery system meeting the standards in democratic and prospering countries.

Even though we were not successful in getting a grant in the year 2000 for realization of this project-despite all the work done on this particular project of our collaboration and despite the big effort of APWA’s and SPWA’s competent staff-we hope that all this work was not useless. We believe in the near future we will together find a way, the possibilities and the means for cooperation, development, and solving the present problems with effective public works delivery in the Slovak Republic and other post-communist parties.

SPWA, with other partner associations from Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary, is discussing the common progress in defining the existing problems and issues in public works delivery and cooperation with APWA by solving these issues.We hope that we will be able to agree on our next common steps in our General Assembly in the fall in October 2000. It would be our pleasure to welcome among us APWA representatives.

I will not bore you with details because problems are many and it would take too long. More detailed information about public works in the Slovak Republic you can find in this year’s April issue of the APWA Reporter, or in a brochure that we have prepared in the last minute and that is available upon request.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to attend your Congress in your amazing country, and on behalf of the whole delegation I would like to especially thank all those who took part in preparation of our trip and now take great care of us-it will be our pleasure if we are able to pay back your hospitabilty by us in Slovakia to Mr. Geoff Greenough, Ms. Kaye Sullivan, Ms. Diana Forbes, Ms. Sarah Lynn Cunningham, and to anyone else working behind the scenes.

We wish you a successful meeting and thank you for your attention.