APWA becomes Contributing Society for National Engineers Week

APWA has agreed to become a Contributing Society in support of National Engineers Week with the donation of $1,000 to help fund the international program. E-Week, as the event has become known, will celebrate its 50th anniversary during February 18-24, 2001.

The 1999 Educational Outreach Task Force recommended that APWA increase our involvement in existing national and international outreach programs, rather than trying to develop potentially competing programs about public works. Previously, APWA had been an endorsing society of E-Week and has encouraged our members to become involved, but had never contributed any money to the program. Stepping up to become a Contributing Society is an important step to becoming more actively involved.

Many events, competitions, and activities are planned by the various sponsoring organizations and local E-Week Committees. APWA is encouraging our members and chapters to become involved in the locally sponsored events by volunteering time, donating resources, or making financial contributions. Taking time to work with your local schools on E-Week events is a great way to promote public works as a profession.

Some APWA chapters are already participating in E-Week with luncheons and scholarships, but possibly none as actively supportive as the New Mexico Chapter, which annually donates $1,000 to support local E-Week activities. Consider working jointly with other professional associations to sponsor existing activities or start a new program within the chapter. APWA has made the first step in supporting these programs, but we need the members and chapters to come forward to support the programs at the local level, where they are delivered to students and teachers.

For additional information about E-Week, contact their web site at www.eweek.org, or contact Dennis H. Ross (dross@apwa.net) at APWA headquarters.