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Listed in this index are all articles published in the APWA Reporter during July 2010. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order.


  • APWA announces the 2010 Public Works Projects of the Year, Jul, p. 76

Back to the Basics

  • Making your values stick, Jul, p. 38

Congress 2010

  • The "New Normal": Designing for speed, scale and scope, Jul, p. 16
  • Boston in pictures, Jul, p. 24

Inside APWA

  • Candidates for the APWA Board of Directors named, Jul, p. 8
  • APWA Roadway Safety Subcommittee established, Jul, p. 14
  • Communication in real time, Jul, p. 30

International Idea Exchange

  • Spring in Zlin, Czech Republic, Jul, p. 42

National Public Works Week

  • North America celebrates 50th anniversary of National Public Works Week, Jul, p. 32
  • National Public Works Week in Grants Pass, Jul, p. 34
  • Fifth Annual DPW Day at Plymouth Public Library, Jul, p. 36

North American Snow Conference

  • Snowfighters pack Omaha Qwest Center for the 50th anniversary of the North American Snow Conference, Jul, p. 27

President's Message

  • Let's get this economy moving, Jul, p. 2

Public Works Historical Society

  • PWHS, Boston and Congress 2010: Circulation in the Living City, Jul, p. 26

Technical Committee News

  • Transportation Committee: always on the move, Jul, p. 12


  • Seattle's Complete Streets Program, Jul, p. 44
  • The Elkhorn Slough Early Mitigation Partnership: Protecting sensitive habitat with major state highway projects, Jul, p. 48
  • Moving towards a sustainability rating system for transportation projects: how wide a net to cast?, Jul, p. 50
  • Knoxville's move toward "Complete Streets, Jul, p. 53
  • City of Des Moines GPS-based sign inventory on a budget, Jul, p. 56
  • Inside the Tucson modern streetcar project, Jul, p. 58
  • Lynnwood Olympic View Drive Road Improvement, Phases 1 & 2, Jul, p. 60
  • A TRB Annual Meeting experience, Jul, p. 64
  • Every Day Counts initiative bringing new sense of urgency, innovation to highway community, Jul, p. 66
  • Cook County saves taxpayers money by diamond grinding roadways, Jul, p. 68
  • Buddy, can you spare a dime?, Jul, p. 72

Washington Insight

  • Transportation authorization follows an uncertain path, Jul, p. 6