Listed in this index are all articles published in the APWA Reporter during January 2009. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order.

  • Summary, Jan, p. 0

Cleaning up the Kitchen

  • Leading the Generations, Jan, p. 26


  • Mentoring: Consider "Future City Competition" in your own backyard, Jan, p. 16

Emergency Management

  • Emergency Management 101 or Emergency Management for Dummies: I'm supposed to do what?, Jan, p. 32
  • A new perspective on public works mutual aid: the Illinois approach, Jan, p. 33
  • National Homeland Security Consortium provides new vision for homeland security and emergency management, Jan, p. 36
  • Climate change and preparedness planning, Jan, p. 40
  • Our urban forests are under attack, Jan, p. 42
  • GTVC: Mapping tool allows emergency management personnel to visually track resources, Jan, p. 44

Inside APWA

  • Jim Martin Oral History Fund, Jan, p. 7
  • APWA Standards of Professional Conduct: What we can learn from the PGA Tour, Jan, p. 18
  • Index to 2008 articles, Jan, p. 20
  • 2009 Editorial Calendar, Jan, p. 31

International Idea Exchange

  • Carbon-neutral operations in public works in western Canada, Jan, p. 30

New APWA staff

  • Phyllis Muder, Jan, p. 9

North American Snow Conference

  • 2009 North American Snow Conference Technical Tour, Jan, p. 10


  • Past APWA President, Lambert Mims, dies, Jan, p. 9

President's Message

  • Work to be done and promises to keep, Jan, p. 4

Small Cities/Rural Communities

  • Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Ike: What we did and what we learned, Jan, p. 38

Technical Committee News

  • Emergency Management Committee: First responders in their communities and for the APWA membership, Jan, p. 8

Washington Insight

  • Election Day 2008: Outcomes and predictions for homeland security and emergency management, Jan, p. 6