Jul 18, 2014


APWA Certifications - APWA announces the recent groups of certification designations for the  Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII), the Certified Stormwater Manager (CSM) and Certified Public Fleet Professionals (CPFP). These credentials are earned through education, work experience and testing. See below for the recipient list for each designation and for a link to each Certification program’s press release.
Press Release: “Eighteen Public Works Professionals Earn APWA Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector Credential” (PDF)
  • Mohammed Barkatullah, CPII - Primera Engineers Ltd., Chicago, IL
  • Shane D. Bennett, CPII - Saratoga Springs City, Saratoga Springs, UT
  • David J. Bruce, CPII - City of Visalia, Visalia, CA
  • Danny Casals, CPII - Village of Palmetto Bay, Palmetto Bay, FL
  • Michael Ewers, CPII - Primera Engineers Ltd., Chicago, IL
  • Sven E. Flodstrom, CPII - Primera Engineers Ltd., Chicago, IL
  • Gregory Gibbs, CPII - Helix Water District, El Cajon, CA
  • Daniel R. Jacobsen, CPII - City of Kennewick, Kennewick, WA
  • James D. Jennings, CPII - Fairfax Water, Fairfax, VA
  • T.J. Kelley, CPII - City of O'Fallon, O'Fallon, MO
  • Andy J. Liebmann, CPII - Spaceco Inc., Rosemont, IL
  • Corey T. Mase, CPII - Trotter and Associates, Inc., St. Charles, IL
  • Abdul Moiz Mohammed, CPII - Primera Engineers Ltd., Chicago, IL
  • Cary Necaise, CPII - South Jordan City, South Jordan, UT
  • Christopher M. Reed, CPII - Great West Engineering, Billings, MT
  • Colin R. Roich, CPII - Lamb-Star Eng., L.P., Plano, TX
  • Jesse T. Singer, CPII - Chastain and Associates LLC, Chicago, IL
  • John F. Stone, CPII - Town of Abington, Abington, MA
Press Release: “APWA Announces New Certified Stormwater Managers” (PDF)
  • Tanna L. Boisvert, CSM - City of Arvada, Arvada, CO
  • Michael G. Burgess, CSM - Columbus Consolidated Government, Columbus, GA
  • Wendy G. Edde, CSM - City of Bend, Bend, OR
  • Peter S. Fortin, CSM - City of Chesapeake, Chesapeake, VA
  • Timothy J. Pollizzi, CSM - City of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, MI
  • John F. Schexnayder, CSM - URS Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA 
Press Release: “APWA Announces New Certified Fleet Professionals” (PDF)
  • Ken Crowley, CPFP - Village of Oak Park, Oak Park, IL
  • Craig T. Stengraeber, CPFP - Columbia County, Wyocena, WI