Jan 21, 2014

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FREE Leadership Session with Ian Hill - "Moving Others Into Action"

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Program Description:

In today’s changing times, an effective leader has “systems” to get things done. The most important tools in that toolkit are the ones used to move others into action. In this live broadcast, Ian Hill will provide you with proven systems that effectively motivate and delegate those that you lead and work with.

Motivation is the most over-discussed, misunderstood aspect of leadership today. We suggest it is not about "rah, rah" or pep talks, and it isn't about flowery words or fiery speeches. Today, motivation is about having a system that sees an individual's potential and helps them reach that potential. Delegation is usually handled poorly, landing in either the micromanager or absent professor categories. Today’s effective leader understands that effective delegation is about having a system there when your team needs help and support and getting out of the way when they don’t.

Participants will leave with meaningful information and tangible tools as well as the inspiration to put them into practice!

CLICK HERE for printable handouts (PDF).