Mar 1, 2013

Opportunity is Knocking

Working with the City of Borås, Sweden, the APWA Solid Waste Committee and International Affairs Committee have identified an international study tour of the City’s innovative waste management and waste conversion processes. The City of Borås is offering to host a three-day study on June 17-19, 2013 of their facilities and processes that are responsible for not only a cleaner environment but also provides heating for 90% of downtown buildings and provides city trucks and buses fueled  by biogas.

APWA’s Global Solutions in Public Works (GSPW) program will cover the Borås study tour administration fees ($350 - including tour guide with expertise in these processes, transport to facility sites and lunches) for up to seven IAC-approved participants to attend this three-day study tour. Applicants may apply for an additional $650 in possible reimbursement from the GSPW program. These applications will be evaluated based on GSPW criteria and up to seven may be chosen for the additional reimbursement. Other associated arrangements and costs including travel, airport transfers, hotel, and meals are the responsibility of the individual.

Applications for the Tour are due on March 28th, 2013. Please send your application to Lillie Plowman at

For more information on the Boras tour, call Mary Monahan, IAC Chairman at 413-313-6901 or e-mail at:  For more information on the criteria and application process for Global Solutions in Public Works at