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Water and Sewers Resources
  • P.W. Paws Rain of Terror P.W. Paws, dons the mantle of a full-blown superhero in this electrifying comic book! A fictional tale of what happens when storm drains are neglected and abused, this comic will surely thrill and chill as well as educate.
  • Good until the Last Drop This book is a useful resource for the public utility and public works professionals looking to provide an understanding of the important consideration needed to capture the greatest value from the recycled water resource.
  • Gray Water Reuse and Rainwater Harvesting This program reviews two sustainable water management practices - gray water reuse and rainwater harvesting. You will discover how you can realize both water conservation and potential energy savings by reducing the amount of water and wastewater that requires treatment.
  • The Green Utility: A Practical Guide to Sustainability This publication provides ideas, plans, and tools to make it easy for your water utility to reduce negative effects on the environment, maximize positive impact in the community, and keep delivering water at a cost that reflects its value, but allows everyone to receive all they need.
  • Drought Preparedness and Response This manual will help water managers facing water shortages by illustrating how to employ tried-and-true strategies and tactics of drought mitigation, as well as new tools and methods.
  • The Smart Grid for Water: How Data Will The development of the smart grid for water is, for the first time, providing water managers with a complete understanding of not only how much water is used, but where and when.
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