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  • MUTCD Changes Every Local Agency Needs To Know This program will familiarize you with the format, applicability and compliance aspects of the significant revisions to the MUTCD that have been incorporated into the 2009 Edition. The program will also address the Manual's format and introduction, and then touch on the nine Parts of the Manual and the significant changes in each.
  • Succession Planning - Growing Your Own Director This program addresses steps to develop a succession program, issues cities and agencies have with the process, and examples of how identified candidates were moved through the development process.
  • ETHICS...or Doing the Right Thing In this program you will find out how to balance both official conduct and personal affairs and "give off the impression" that you have forged an ideal set of ethics for both yourself and your organization.
  • Engineering in the 21st Century: It's No This program explores the qualities of the 21st Century Engineer and the challenges facing the engineering and public works communities as we design for the societal, economic, and cultural systems of the future.
  • Utility Coordination for Municipal Capital This program will discuss coordinating utilities using current methods as well as new research under way to develop new technologies to leverage recent advancements in data management and visualization, and communication.
  • Construction Inspection Podcast Series: This podcast series focuses on the role of the construction site manager and the site inspector and the changing role of both while managing today's construction projects.