The mission of the Solid Waste Committee is to serve as a center of expertise on solid waste issues for APWA. The Committee develops and promotes environmentally sound, cost effective and efficient solid waste management policies and programs for APWA members by reviewing the latest technologies, practices, regulations and legislation in the field and providing opportunities to exchange information.

Message from the Chair

Solid Waste Management is something we do every day, as Public Works professionals and as members of our own communities. We deliver one the most environmentally significant and recognizable services directly to the public. Who else in your organization provides a direct service to residents every week, sometimes right to their front door? Who else ensures that millions of tons of waste is managed responsibly to maximize resource recovery and reduce environmental impact? This responsibility makes our work one of the key services most residents recognize and depend on.

Our services must continually adapt to meet the needs of our residents and customers. Just collecting material and safely disposing is not enough, our residents want to know that we are using their waste and recyclables as a resource, they want to be informed on the services, costs and impacts and they want to be engaged and actively participate in what is going on in their neighborhood. Revenue from recyclable commodities has declined and is challenging the economics of recycling collection. The rapid growth of handheld electronics and in home medical treatment is changing the type of material that we collect and process while social media is changing the way and pace of how we interact with the public, staff and elected officials.

As chair of the Solid Waste Management Technical Committee, I look forward to hearing new ideas to address the challenges and help deliver resilient programs. We want to share in your solutions and your expertise in everything related to solid waste management. What are your best practices? What are your lessons learned? We are here to learn from you and also share with you what we know. The committee greatly values your input, knowledge and experience and we can’t wait to hear all of it.

Trent Tompkins

Director, Collection Services Waste Management Services

City of Edmonton