Future Public Works Leaders Subcommittee  – The subcommittee has been charged with a new “Recognize Your Leaders” series to appear monthly in the APWA Reporter. The series will focus on leadership stories in public works. The subcommittee will be responsible for reviewing and selecting submissions to appear in the Reporter each month. Each story will highlight a specific leadership trait as identified by the Standards for Leadership Subcommittee.
Publications Subcommittee – The subcommittee will be charged with the Annual Leadership and Management issue of the Reporter, infoNOW postings and other publications as identified throughout the year.
Standards for Leadership Subcommittee – The subcommittee has identified a set of leadership traits that will be the basis for a series of articles to be published starting in the April 2012 Reporter issue after the committee’s very successful “Road to Excellence” series is completed.
Trends, Challenges & Strategies Subcommittee  – The subcommittee has been charged with identifying and discussing a new trend or challenge each month. The subcommittee will identify a new area each month, research the area and then meet by conference call to discuss. Outcomes of the monthly discussions could produce Reporter articles, CLLs, curriculum for the new Donald C. Stone Leadership Center, or other programs and products as warranted.