A message from Gary Schneider, Recovery Subcommittee Chair:
No eye-catching photographs…
No flashy buzz-words to generate bursts of activity…
Just Public Works organizations providing one of their many crucial functions:  leading their communities in the planning and successful execution of Recovery efforts when disaster strikes.
Typical Recovery work, such as debris management and restoration of public buildings and utilities, is only a part of the critical mission of Public Works departments nationwide.  They must also provide technical support to other agencies involved with Recovery efforts.
Long term Recovery is complex.  In some cases, activities from one event will overlap a new event.  Recovery efforts will go on long after the community’s normal activities are re-established, placing a burden on Public Works’ resources as they resume their normal every-day responsibilities while continuing with Recovery tasks.
The goals of this Subcommittee have been identified by the Emergency Management Committee and will be refined using the wealth of information and experience from local, regional, state and federal sources.  The subject matter spans what is normally considered “Recovery”:  debris management, systems restoration and damage assessment.  But it will also include larger issues, as they pertain to Recovery, such as:
  • National Preparedness Goals
  • FEMA Disaster Recovery Funding
  • Public Assistance Programs
FEMA allocated funds to develop four on-line training programs geared towards Public Works professionals, one of which is specific to public works and disaster recovery.  To access that program, use this link -
IS-558 Public Works and Disaster Recovery

Lastly, if you are interested in participating in this endeavor, please contact the Subcommittee Chairperson - Gary Schneider, Director of Public Works for the Town of Groton, Connecticut, at 860-448-4083, or at gschneider@town.groton.ct.us.

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