Emergency Management Subcommittees

If you are interested in serving on an Emergency Management subcommittee contact staff liaison, Teresa Hon, for details. 

Canadian Emergency Management – This subcommittee focuses on support to the Canadian public works community in their emergency management efforts.
Chapter Advocacy Subcommittee - To encourage and support APWA membership to embrace their roles as first responders and incorporate emergency management principals in their agencies. To provide assistance and information for APWA membership to successfully reach out to other first responders and strengthen community response capabilities. To support APWA’s Advocacy efforts of legislative priorities to Congress through outreach and education.

Education & Training Subcommittee – The mission of the APWA Emergency Management Education & Training Subcommittee is to enhance the professional and personal development of association members and their communities by providing quality educational and training opportunities that augment members' skills and ensure Best Practices requirements are consistently met. These training Best Practices involve but are not limited to, safety, training opportunities and standards of operations within the public works realm.
Lessons Learned Subcommittee

Resource Subcommittee - Assist members in being prepared and have a plan for when an emergency does happen. Facilitate the preparation by identifying resources available or sources for additional information for planning and implementation.

Special Interest/Hot Topics Subcommittee/Task Force