Monday General Session Talk Show

From Shop to Storm and Back Again – Best Management Practices for
Operators and Fleets

Monday, April 30
7:30 - 9:30 a.m.

Successful winter maintenance requires operators and fleets to be ready and able to meet the challenges of the oncoming storm. For many agencies, this is a challenge. This interactive session focuses on the relationship between fleets and equipment operators, with specifics as to what can be done to enhance communication and understanding between these two critical components of storm response. Different expectations regarding communication, inspections, fuel and facilities will be discussed. Our panel of Fleet and Operations experts will lend their experience in addressing these issues and provide strategies you can take back to your agency. Come join us armed with your own questions, lessons learned and innovative solutions.

Tuesday General Session
The Glass Ain't Half Empty, It's Just Too Big!

Keynote Speaker: Mark Mayfield, CSP,CPAE
Tuesday, May 1
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.


Mark Mayfield is one of those rare individuals that is equally adept at performing standup comedy and presenting high content speeches. He excites, educates and always entertains.   Content based, yet comedy driven, it’s pretty simple what he does... he talks about VERY SERIOUS stuff in a VERY FUNNY way. If you want to learn about change, or teamwork, or stress, why not have a great time doing it?
Mark is the author of the popular book Mom’s Rules, a comedic yet poignant look at those things Mom said to us as kids, and has been inducted into the CPA Speaker Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association. From comedy shows to seminars, his philosophy is simple... say it with humor and people will take the message home. A national convention planner recently called Mark “one of the very few, really funny, inspiring men in America today.”
This session will be a humorous approach to the serious subject of creativity as the key component in coping with change. You’ll learn change theory and creative exercises in this upbeat, fast paced program that will leave you laughing and also leave you with some great change management skills.