Core Topic Areas

The Task Force agreed to the following core topic areas required for national approval:

  • Supervisory techniques and skills
  • Basic management skills
  • Communications skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Community service/customer orientation skills
  • Legal understanding
  • Fundamentals of government
  • Finance
  • Resource management skills
  • Public works operations

An institute may include other areas of study in addition to the core topic areas.

Institute Length
The minimum accepted length of an institute is 90 podium or educational classroom contact hours. The format and breakdown of the educational hours can vary and are the development responsibility of the chapter designing the institute. Individuals enrolled in an institute will have six years to complete the institute program.

Examinations and/or testing are not required for national institute approval. But, chapters are encouraged to create and track some type of assessment or examination to quantify the progress and quality of experience of individuals enrolled in an institute.

Prior Experience or Education
No minimum experience or education level is required for national institute approval.